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Aspire Amsterdam Lounge 41 NonSchengen
Amsterdam Pay In Lounge Aspire Lounge 41
NEWS: The brand new Aspire Lounge Amsterdam (the Servisair Lounge 41 at Amsterdam) is now open. There is a dedicated area when SQ are using the lounge, making this the Singapore Airlines Amsterdam lounge.

The brand new Aspire lounge at Amsterdam is a huge welcoming light bright lounge, and has taken over from most of the other third party lounges at Amsterdam as the main Amsterdam Airport pay-in lounge, plus the lounge for many other airlines, taking over from the now sadly closed Singapore Airlines Amsterdam Lounge. Indeed, only KLM and British Airways still operate their own dedicated Amsterdam lounges any more.

Operated by Servisair, Lounge 41 is located right on the top floor - indeed, what was once the roof - of the Amsterdam terminal, access is either by walking outside, over the roof, or just up in the lift from the main terminal concourse in the centre of 'Lounge 3' (the main non-Schengen terminal) between gates F and G. Spot the lift by heading to the Hermes shop, and then up the escalator, and then up in the lift again.

Aspire Amsterdam Lounge 41 NonSchengen
Amsterdam Aspire Lounge 41

Firstly however, which Aspire Lounge are you looking for at Amsterdam? There are two. The Aspire Amsterdam Lounge 41 (T3, Non-Schengen), and the Aspire Amsterdam Lounge 26 (Schengen, inter-Europe short haul).

The Amsterdam Aspire Lounge 41 T3, to give it its full name, it large light and bright, with plenty of seating areas from leather sofas to more formal dining areas.

Aspire Amsterdam Lounge 41 NonSchengen
Amsterdam Aspire Lounge 41

As you walk in, you walk past the main dining chairs and buffet area, and can see the large floor to ceiling windows. And my, what a view. The lounge must have the best view of anywhere in Amsterdam airport, with a great view out through past the roof, and down on the apron, the active runway, and then out further to the level Dutch fields.

There are small wickerwork screens separating parts of the lounge, and indeed for the Singapore Airlines Amsterdam flights, these are used to separate off parts of the lounge with large SQ logos. Before the Singapore flights depart there is enhanced catering in these areas.

Aspire Amsterdam Lounge 41 NonSchengen
Amsterdam Aspire Lounge 41

An Aspire lounge Amsterdam review must mention however than the lounge seems, well, just a little bit soul-less, and at times it seems rather like a breakfast dining area in a Travelodge. And indeed, look, it even has the same type of hard plastic chairs around the fake wood Formica round plastic tables too!


There is a large buffet spread in the lounge, with food that varies according to the time of day.

There is a hot breakfast in the morning, with sausages, bacon, mushrooms and beans. This is enhansed in the special Singapore Airlines area, with a hot lamp cabinet over bacon rolls.

Aspire Amsterdam Lounge 41 NonSchengen
Amsterdam Aspire Lounge 41

In the afternoon there tends to be lighter fare, however there then the addition of hot soup and rolls.

The salad isn't that great, with just pasta salad and cold cuts, but there are smaller pastries in a heated cabinet beside the salad which are top notch. The sausage rolls are the best at Amsterdam airport.


There is a small self serve bar on the inland part of the lounge.

Heineken is on draft, with a pull yourself beer tap.

Singapore Airlines Amsterdam Lounge
Amsterdam Aspire Lounge 41

There are eight spirits on optics, screwed to the wall.

There are some OK white wines in the 'fridge trough' which is along the middle of the refectory counter, and normally two very good red wines on the worktop next to the soft drinks fountain.


In Lounge.

Business Facilities

There is a small work centre beind the small half height partition by the entrance to the lounge.

There is Free wifi.

OK newspaper rack with a few magazines close to the hot food cabinet.

Aspire Amsterdam Lounge 41 NonSchengen
Amsterdam Aspire Lounge 41


Access with a Priority Pass or Lounge Club card.

Pay per entry 30euro (€40 if you'd like a shower).

Aspire Amsterdam Lounge 41 NonSchengen
Amsterdam Aspire Lounge 41
Aspire Amsterdam Lounge
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