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Things change. Prices go up, the quality of wine goes down, schedules are put back, and lounges are revamped. The nuts may be tweaked. New lounges open. And the older ones thankfully close. Good beer goes bad, and some airlines go to a generic contract lounge. Nothing stays the same. All of this is going on constantly, and as a result, your experience before you get onboard may be different from mine.

So if you find things better or worse, recently opened, or long since closed, please tell me. While I fly a lot, there can be some weeks when I'm not at LHR, SIN, BKK, SYD, FRA or LAX. As soon as I get updated information and can verify it, I will update the site, and make sure that flyers in future get the most up to date reviews of lounges.

Also, if you want to contact me with requests for images, or other legal matters, before you email, please read the copyright information & legal notes here. Note that Loungeindex is a non-commercial, not for profit blog, written by a non-trading individual, which does not market or promote any product listed on the pages, and does not make any direct or indirect commercial use of any name.

I genuinely value all the feedback I get, but please note that due to my insistence on independently checking all updates which are sent to me, it can sometimes take a few weeks to get new information on the site. Normally I can do this by checking direct with the airlines concerned. Sometimes alas, particularly when an airline installs a new lounge, a site visit is required - which I end up travelling to, and paying for.

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