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If it is brought to my attention that you have indeed sold, published, distributed, retransmitted or otherwise provided access to article(s) from the Content to anyone without the prior written permission from Loungeindex, we will invoice you for a copyright abuse penalty fee of £1,000 per article or image, which will be payable immediately upon receipt of the invoice.

Loungeindex is a non-commercial, not for profit blog, written by a non-trading individual, which does not market or promote any product listed, and does not make any direct or indirect commercial use of any name, and as such assert my rights as an individual writing a (non-marketing) review to be exempt from the relevant parts of Australian RSA regulations, UK licencing laws, and EU laws regarding alcohol, promotion, designation, and marketing. Also note that some products listed here are no longer sold, and some have either changed their name, product line, designation, area, or some other facet of their product. As such these wines, beers and spirits must be legally viewed within a historic context, in some cases dating back over two decades, when the product could legally be called and promoted under its original designation. Loungeindex promotes the responsible use of alcohol, and also respects the legal drinking age in countries where it is restricted. Loungeindex aims to correct innocent mistakes as soon as they are pointed out, and apologises for inadvertent omissions, but will not pay your costs in this respect. Correspondence on this matter will not be entered into. By browsing this site you agree to these terms and conditions.

Remember this site is run purely for fun, and run as a non-commercial entity, with no legal liability, with reviews published as in terms of personal opinion, and comments take the form of an opinion, and that the opinion is one which an honest person could have held the basis of any fact which existed at the time my opinion was published (in terms of the law), and there is no intent in any way to damage the reputation or trade of any company or entity. It you really object to my personal and honestly held opinion which I report as a person who reviews (in a personal way) many entitys or airlines - just drop me a line.

I'm happy to talk to you.

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