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Dusseldorf Hugo Junkers Lounge
Dusseldorf Hugo Junkers Lounge
The Hugo Junkers Lounge is the main pay in lounge at Düsseldorf airport. It's pretty good, although since it took the place of the huge British Airways Dusseldorf lounge, many passengers have been mourning it's appearance. It's good, but not that good.

The main issue with the lounge is that it is right after security, but in the Schengen section - which can be a right pain for BA flights to London, and indeed longer haul flights. You get to it up the stairs, or indeed the lift, right after the security check, but before passport control, on level 2 in Pier B, in the Schengen Zone.

The lounge is quite large and spreading, and indeed, offers quite a variety of seats, mainly of the 'large brown leather armchair' type.

With a size of now 600 square meters, the "new" Hugo lounge has seats for 160 travellers. As you walk in, the reception desk is on the right, and the newspaper rack is on the left.

Dusseldorf Hugo Junkers Lounge
Dusseldorf Hugo Junkers Lounge
Then, as you curve left, there is the main diing area, and around the corner the refectory and bar area: spot all the signs saying that food in the lounge has to stay in the lounge.

Against the wall here there are three large dining tables, under big posters of old Junkers planes.

As you carry on around, there is a great view of the runway, and indeed many seats face the views with large armchairs and small side tables looking pretty neat. Carrying on clockwise, there is a small thin bench here, up a small odd looking corridor, whilein the middle of the lounge is a furry rug with two more armchairs.

Back in the main part of the lounge is the strange circular contraption which always foxes visitors. Is it a fireside? A bench? Somewhere for the papers? In truth, this is the work zone, with circular benches around a pillar. Alas, the chairs are very low, so it is impossible to work here.

Dusseldorf Hugo Junkers Lounge
Dusseldorf Hugo Junkers Lounge

Finally, at the most inland part of the lounge there is a large open area, with another furry rug and chairs. Alas, this is totally souless, however the place is generally quiet - except, that is before the Emirates flights, when it is pretty manic.


There are many signs all over the lounge reminding passengers not to take any food out of the lounge. Dogmatic it may be, but the message is firmly rammed home by the staff keen to enforce the rules. At least there is hot food, with two tubs of rice or pasta, and some non-descript meat dish. One day there is pasta, the next chicken. The food tends to appear, and then vanish again, around the start of the Emirates flights.

The sandwiches are always pretty good.

In the mornings there is an OK continental breakfast, with croissants, toast, and yoghurt.

Dusseldorf Hugo Junkers Lounge
Dusseldorf Hugo Junkers Lounge


The bar is OK, indeed on occasions it can seem like the whole lounge is a bar.

Beer is Bitburger, in bottles.

There are three bottles of spirits in the fridge, with Gordons' Gin, Campari, and Vodka.

Business Facilities

There are three relatively fast windows PCs with internet access.

There is a small newspaper rack, but you are banned from taking papers out of the lounge.

Dusseldorf Hugo Junkers Lounge
Dusseldorf Hugo Junkers Lounge


Toilets and showers in the lounge.


You'll find the Hugo Junkers Lounge on level 2 in Pier B, Schengen Zone.
Dusseldorf Hugo Junkers Lounge
Dusseldorf Hugo Junkers Lounge

The Hugo Junkers lounge is accessible for a charge of EUR 21.00 per person (children EUR 10.00).

You can pay by debit or credit card. Cash payment is not possible. Priority Pass holders accepted.

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Hugo Junkers Düsseldorf Lounge
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