GRU: São Paulo Varig VIP Lounge


The São Paulo Sala VIP Smile Gol Varig Domestic Lounge is much poorer than it's international cousin: as you'd expect it to be. Indeed, the GRU Smiles Domestic lounge even has 'airport' style hard plastic seats, which are screwed to the floor. It is isn't a fun experience.

It is also landside, before security, which can give you a manic run to your flight.

Occupying quite a large room, it is bright, with large floor to ceiling windows at the far end. There is a long counter on the left, with food and drink.


There is only basic finger food, nuts, and biscuits for most of the day. Sandwiches appear in the evening.


Coffee, chocolate and soft drinks.


In the lounge. No showers.

Business Facilities

There is a TV room.

Domestic newspapers and magazines. Free wifi, if you ask at reception for the password.

São Paulo Sala VIP Smiles Domestic
►Basic Finger food.
TV room. Newspaper rack.
Showers & Bathrooms:
In lounge, no showers
Varig VIP Lounge rated: 5 out of 10
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