PHL: Philadelphia British Airways Galleries Lounge


Philadelphia British Airways Galleries Lounge
Philadelphia British Airways Galleries Lounge
The superb Philadelphia British Airways lounge is a small gem at the otherwise rather dilapidated Philadelphia airport. Compact and bijou, the British Airways lounge wins every time over the tired American or Delta facilities.

There is great food, a good dining area, a very nice bar, and a convivial atmosphere. There is a separate First Class are, with pre-flight dining.

The lounge is in an area accessible to both domestic and international passengers, just turn left after security, and down the corridor the lounge is on your left. There are frosted, etched glass doors, and a welcoming staff member. First turn left, into a very small area, but with dining at proper tables. Business Class turn right. If you are on American Airlines on a domestic flight, you are sometimes permitted access to the Business area with a oneworld elite card, but only if there is enough space. Which is rare - as the lounge only seats about 40 people.

The British Airways Philadelphia lounge takes the form of several small rooms, each one of which is a private oasis before the long haul flight. The design is the latest British Airways galleries design, and the layout is filled with natural light.

Philadelphia British Airways Galleries Lounge
Philadelphia British Airways Galleries Lounge

The dining area on the business class side has tables along the window, using the window perches as seating, where you feel just a little bit 'lifted up' to the world.

The British Airways Philadelphia First Class lounge is the small room at the end of the lounge, and has some very comfortable leather armchairs. The Dining area has a few larger tables, although these often seem wasted as most passengers are travelling alone.


The food is plentiful and the drinks are free in the British Airways Philadelphia lounge - unlike it must be said the American Airways lounge, which is no wonder why many passengers come here.

There are of course the usual finger sandwiches available all the time, and before both of the main flight there are two hot options available, with chicken or beef, and rice or pasta.

British Airways Galleries Lounge Philadelphia
Philadelphia British Airways Galleries Lounge

The first class area has a small dining room, with a private table to work on. Furniture is more comfortable, and rather than pick your own food from the buffet, a waiter takes your order and delivers to your private table. The wine is vastly better.

Dotted around the lounge there are also snacks, biscuits and fruit.


The bar at the British Airways Philadelphia lounge consists of a refrigerators full of four types of beer, in cans. Serve yourself - it's all complementary. There are two decent whites and reds on the worktop.
British Airways Galleries Philadelphia Lounge
Philadelphia British Airways Galleries Lounge

Business Facilities

There is a full business centre (note the re, not er) at the British Airways lounge Philadelphia, with a bank of four PCs, but they never seem to get used and more. There is free wifi. However, power sockets are hard to find in the lounge: often the Business Centre is the only place for them.


In lounge. Small. No showers.


The lounge is open in three successive burst. In the morning it is open for Qatar Airways, as the Qatar Airways Philadelphia Lounge. It is always very busy, and oneworld elites are not permitted to enter.

The lounge then closes at lunchtime.

British Airways Galleries Lounge
Philadelphia British Airways Galleries Lounge

From 3pm, the British Airways Philadelphia lounge opens again, for the two waves of the two British Airways evening flights. . The early flight has a four class cabin with First, whereas the later flight, a Dreamliner, has three classes flying without a First cabin. The later flight is also a sleep flight, so to get some food you need to eat in the lounge.

Oneworld elites travelling domestically on American Airlines can sometimes gain access to the Philadelphia British Airways lounge, but it depends when (just when it opens at 3pm is a good time) and also how full the BA flights are.

British Airways Philadelphia Lounge
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