TFS: Tenerife AENA Montana Roja


Tenerife AENA Montana Roja Lounge TFS
Tenerife AENA Montana Roja
The AENA Montana Roja Lounge at Tenerife South Airport is a small, pleasant lounge in an otherwise out of the way location.

With few passangers using it, it is clean and tidy with a nice apron view.


Food is basic in the AENA Montana Roja Lounge at Tenerife South Airport. There are sandwiches at lunch and dinner time, plus crisps, chocolate bars.


The bar is equally basic, but it has a nice walk up bar with stools actually at the bar.

There is wine, but only one bottle of white and red. Beer is Spanish. The spirit selection is however very good indeed.


Toilets, no showers.

Business Facilities

Internet station, TV, magazines and newspapers in Spanish.
AENA Montana Tenerife Lounge
AENA Montana Lounge rated: 6 out of 10
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