BOD: Bordeaux Air France Le Patio Lounge


The Bordeaux Air France Lounge is a tiny lounge, with a seating capacity of just 45 passengers. You need a code from check in to enter the Bordeaux Patio Lounge as it is unstaffed - it is that small.

Called the Bordeaux Air France Patio Lounge, that is what it feels like. There is just a small narrow corridor, with a food area in the middle.

Seats are good - big red leather ones, in the new Air France style.

There is a great view of the gates from the lounge.


There are 'Sweet and savoury snacks' - however they are of the Sucré ou Salé type offered on board Air France flights.


Very basic - only wine and beer.

There are two new Nespresso machines, offering ristretto and lungo coffee.


None in lounge.

Business Facilities

Newspapers and Magazines.

Free wifi internet access

Air France Bordeaux Lounge
Air France Lounge rated: 7 out of 10
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