BKK: Bangkok Thai Airways Royal First Class Lounge


thai Airways Bangkok First Class lounge Nov 2007
Bangkok Royal First Class Lounge
Travelling in First on Thai Airways and you get the delight that is... a golf trolley ride.

After you check in you are escorted down the escalator, and at the bottom sat on a golf buggy: this drives you to the end of the business class lounge where the first lounge resides. It is a wonderous novelty, but utterly pointless (it only saves about 3 minutes walking) and you feel a bit of an idiot taking it. There is a similar cart that picks you up if you arrive on a First class flights.

Up in the Thai Airways Bangkok First Class lounge (which is separated from the plebs in business by the dragon's desk and double doors) there is a large room with comfy chairs, and smaller sitting rooms (all with TVs) for those who want a bit of privacy. It is designed to accommodate 174 passengers, and yet you can often have the place to yourself.

The only snag is the constant nagging attention of the staff. You aren't expected to get anything yourself: they hover at your elbow, and you only have to raise a hand and there are several of them fawning at your feet asking what they could possibly do for you. This can get annoying.

thai Airways Bangkok First Class lounge Nov 2007
Bangkok Royal First Class Lounge


Food is great in the lounge. There is a separate dining room where you can sit down with a menu and work your way through a five course dinner, or a smaller pantry where snacks are on display. Don't make the mistake of taking any from the display though: the staff ask you what you want and bring it to your seat. There is a large array of la Carte dining, including pasta, and salads, canapes, sandwiches, fruit, vegetables (with dips) plus cheese and biscuits.
thai Airways Bangkok First Class lounge Nov 2007
Bangkok Royal First Class Lounge


The small Bar has a great selection of spirits and champers: the staff will happily open a bottle of whatever Champagne you like (such as Krug) just for you to drink. The whisky selection is quite spectacular, and there is a comprehensive wine list.

You should resist when staff tell you that they will "bring your drink to your seat". This involves the butler passing on your request to the barman who then hands your drink to a waitress: the whole process can take 20 minutes, and you are much better off just talking to the barman yourself.


There are four en suite shower rooms right at the back of the lounge, and four very good slumber rooms, plus a mini Library. Computers are however very poor in the lounge, with just four in the office by the main door, which are very slow and often occupied by precocious children.

The First lounge is no longer open 24hours a day, but Suvarnabhumi airport is often full of flyers camped overnight, and looks rather like a homeless shelter: come to that, so do most of the passengers. However there are reclining chairs in concourse C and D which are open to all who want to sleep overnight in Bangkok airport. Get here early to grab your chair in among the orchids.

Business Facilities

There are full comprehensive Business Facilities, with computers, phones, fax, free internet & wi-fi a, printer, and writing desks.
Thai Airways First Lounge Bangkok
►Food in dining room, or informal in lounge.
►Four hot dishes, salad, sandwiches.
►Do not eat the plastic food - just for demonstration.
►Free alcohol, free pour
►Beer: Heiniken, Carlsberg
►6 red & 6 white wine
Business Facilities:
►Several fast PCs, printer
TV in lounge. Newspaper rack.
Showers & Bathrooms:
Bathroom and 4 showers in lounge
Thai Airways Lounge rated: 6 out of 10
from 25 visits by loungeindex.
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