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Jakarta Premier Lounge
Jakarta Premier Lounge
The Jakarta JAS Premier Lounge is another third party lounge at Jakarta, but the largest one, and the one with the best facilities. It is run by Jakarta Airport Services, or JAS. If you have a lounge invite which offers two alternatives, either here or the Pura lounge, always take the Premier. It is more comfortable, and has a bar with beer and spirits.

The JAS Premier lounge is also the only one with Premium Entry from landside to airside. Go to the extreme left of check in, and you can go through a quicker immigration (but not security) check. You'll need an invite from check in to use this. The lounge reception never take, or ask for, frequent flyer cards: the invite is all.

Alternatively walk to the extreme left of the international E concourse, but before security, and walk to the end of the curved shopping centre, past the 'Drink' bar, and it's on the left. There are often a couple of hefty security chaps outside.

The lounge receptionists are friendly, but firm. No invite, no entry. Frequent flyer cards are definitely not recognised.

Jakarta Premier Lounge
Jakarta Premier Lounge

The Jakarta JAS Premier Lounge is a pretty generic 'pay-in lounge in Asia' stuff. There are racks of armchairs, indeed, lots and lots of chairs, with a huge central seating area, off the 'arm' of the smaller seating area as you walk in.

Also as you walk in, don't miss the 'spa'. It is a tiny, rammed, box room, where you can get a foot rub. It's to the right of the entry.

The main part of the lounge has a TV screen on Indonesian rolling news, and with the volume up quite high too.

Jakarta Premier Lounge
Jakarta Premier Lounge

In one corner is the 'Smoking goldfish bowl'. While in the other is a wooden screen separating another area with yet more seating. The entrance from landside, before immigration, is in this corner.

The food area occupies the central space, while the bar is beside the entrance to the toilets. In the loos is one, tiny, shower. There is always an assistant there, handing out small rough towels.

At the bottom end of the lougne area is a business centre, with a large island desk, and six work shelves, plus three computers.


The food in the Jakarta Premier Lounge is not exactly over the top, but OK for a quick snack before flights.

There are five hot dishes, typically of chicken and beef with rice or a vegitable mix, spring rolls, and some type of meatballs. There are also two types of soup, and two rotating cold fridges with some sweet deserts, and cake plus custard.

Jakarta Premier Lounge
Jakarta Premier Lounge

On the other side of the counter are packets of sandwiches, which you may think are cheese or ham. They are - but cheese covered in very sweet type of dressing. It's unusual, to say the least.

There is also a salad bar with five bowls of salad, and thousand island dressing. Do not ever touch or go near these salads, which are bathed in tap water. They look inviting, but you'll write off the next two days if you do.

Packets of biscuits and nuts, bread rolls and butter complete the catering delights.

Jakarta Premier Lounge
Jakarta Premier Lounge


The bar in the Jakarta Premier Lounge is open all day, and serves Anker beer on draft. Just ask the barman in his little podium. He will also serve gin or whisky, but that's it. There is no wine.

Coke or Sprite is in the tiny fridge to the left of the bar.

Never go near the jugs of tap water.


There are bathrooms in the lounge. Or rather a tiny gents and ladies.

In each side, the last cubical in the row is actually a shower cubical, with towels handed out by the attendant. Queues can be long.

Jakarta Premier Lounge
Jakarta Premier Lounge

Business Facilities

Business facilities are pretty basic. There is a large magazine rack, and all of the daily Indonesian newspapers, but no international ones.

There is a small business centre workbench at the far end of the lounge. There are three computers, which are very old slow PCs.

There is free wifi in the lounge, but it is woeful. Continually dropping out, or just failling to connect. Try long enough, and it will work, but you have to firstly get it it to connect long enough to enter the code which is on small signs dotted around the lounge. If it drops out, you have to enter the code again, which gives hours of fun.

Jakarta Premier Lounge
Jakarta Premier Lounge


You need an invite from check in, or you can buy access to the Jakarta JAS Premier Lounge for 150,000Rp.
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Jakarta Premier Lounge
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