GRU: São Paulo American Airlines Admirals Club


American Airlines São Paulo Admirals Club
American Airlines São Paulo Admirals Club
The American Airlines São Paulo Admirals Club at Guarulhos International Airport is a large haven of peace and quiet, but it doesn't have many facilities. It is in Terminal 2, on the Mezzanine level of Wing D after Passport Control.

This is a pretty standard American Airlines Lounge, with the usual new-style furniture. There are a fair number of comfy chairs around the walls. By the TV are some of which are the new funky armchairs, which look amazing, if not specially comfortable. There is a quiet room on the right hand side from the counter.

Alas the lounge has a low ceiling, and the lack of windows in the first half of the lounge makes it feel a bit claustrophobic, despite it being quite large. On one side there is a view of the main outer part of the terminal, which nearly makes up for the oppressive paintings on the walls that may have been all the rage in the later 1960s, but which have aged nearly as badly as the carpet.

The second half of the lounge however has a great view of the gates. This is where the dining area is: there are four dining tables, which are almost always predictably taken up by just one person working on the


There are the usual containers of AA nuts in this lounge, and another one of what is optimistically called Ranch Mix. There is also Pao de Queijo.

Look out of the 'Mr Z Premium Beef Jerky' which is probably the most on the edge catering you'll get in an Admirals Club.

American Airlines


There is of course a decent bar in this lounge – after all, that’s why the skyclub exists, doesn’t it?. There is beer in the fridge, and two bottles of wine - white and red.


Bathrooms with toilets are in the lounge, as are showers.

The showers are very good - strong and with lots of hot water. Amenities are in the little dispenser in the shower.

Business Facilities

Three computer internet terminals in an area close to the main entrance. There is free Wi-fi.

There is a magazine rack in the alcove near the door, but it doesn't have too many magazines.

American Airlines São Paulo
American Airlines Lounge rated: 4 out of 10
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