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Buenos Aires Admirals Club
If EZE airport doesn't get a good press, the Buenos Aires American Airlines Admirals Club certainly doesn't either. It really is not one of the best on the nextwork, however its use by Qantas has brightened up facilities at bit. However, when all the flights to the US are leaving in the evening, it does turn into a bit of a zoo. Many passenger decamp at this point, and visit the Buenos Aires Iberia Lounge which has a much more pleasant atmosphere, but worse food. However, anything is better than sitting in the main airport lounge, which offers few facilities.

The lounge is hidden away on the second level of Terminal A, after passport control, right by Gate 9. There is rather blank wooden door, with a buzzer to be let in, behind which is a small reception desk, and then you are let into the lounge which has lots of wood and mirrors, rather like a tacky 1980s bungalow. Surprisingly, the lounge was rebuilt and improved last year, when the leather seats were added, along with the 1960s impressionist art on the walls.

It is a quirky and compact space, really just one room with a dark yellow ceiling with a few hallways, which are dingy and narrow. At least there are windows overlooking the main seating area. There is no flagship lounge or First Class section - there really isn't room for one.


There is one long low counter opposite the main seating area with food in front of mirrors: presumably to try and make the place look bigger.

Alas, Food in this AA lounge consists mainly of doritos, nuts, cheeses, crackers and biscuits. And that is it. There really isn't a lot, although in the evening there is some hot soup.

Some dining tables would be nice...difficult to have soup with no tray or proper seating.

One of the major problems of this lounge is that there is just the food and drinks counter and low-level leather seating, with only two sets of dining chairs in the 'corridor' opposite the food counter. It is ok during the day, but in the evening before the US flights it can be a bit manic.

American Airlines


The bar is again OK, but really no great shakes. At least the alcohol is free-pour (there is no barman, and no charge). There is some cheap sparkling wine in an ice bucket, Malbec, chardonnay, and three obscure reds in a rotating stand.

There are only a six spirits - but at least one is Baileys. The beer is either Isenbeck or Quilmes, in bottles in the fridge. The fact that the bottle opener is chained down says a lot about the lounge.


Bathrooms are in the lounge, however there are no showers.

Business Facilities

There are two, fairly slow, computers in cubby hole at the far end of the lounge, and a printer.

Wi-fi access is available throuought the Buenos Aires American Airlines Admirals Club, but you need to grab a slip at the front desk that gives you the username/password combination for the two available networks.

American Airlines Buenos Aires
►Basic finger food.
►Cheese, crackers, dips
►Tray of Sandwiches
►Free alcohol, free pour
►Beer: Isenbeck or Quilmes
►1 red & 1 whites
►No Champagne
Business Facilities:
►Three PCs, fax, power
►Wifi (code at reception).
One TV in lounge. Newspaper rack.
Showers & Bathrooms:
Bathroom in lounge, no showers
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► LAN Buenos Aires Business Class Lounge -->
American Airlines Lounge rated: 5 out of 10
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