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Auckland Emperor Lounge Jan 2012
Auckland Emperor Lounge
The brand new Auckland Emperor Lounge is a pretty standard generic airport pay per used lounge. It stands on the old site of the first version of the Emirates lounge, before it moved upstairs.

You can pay for entry, and the lounge is also used by international airlines that donít have their own lounge. It is the Malaysia Airlines lounge Auckland for example,.

The lounge is the same windowless cell that the old Emirates lounge was. However it has some new furnishings, and some new furniture.

Incidentally, check ouf the lounge's logo. It is actually four Emperor Penguins foot-to-foot, rather than a propellor as you might have imagined.


There is food in the lounge, but not much. Light meals and snacks are all that is available, with all food Halal-certified.


Of course the main point of buying entry is always the bar. Your entry includes unlimted free booze: quite a bargain considering the price of the main 1above bar in the departure hall.

It is fully stocked with some excellent Kiwi wines, plus some run of the mill spirits on the bar top.


In the lounge. There are also two showers: towels available at reception.

Business Facilities

Computers are fairly good, with several brand new desktop PCs with a lightning fast internet connection . The Wifi is pretty nifty too.
Emperor Auckland Lounge
►Basic finger food.
Other airlines using the Emperor Lounge:
► Malaysia Airlines Auckland Business Class Lounge
► Priority Pass
Emperor Auckland Lounge rated: 4 out of 10
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