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Emirates Lounge Sydney
Sydney Emirates Lounge Entrance
The Emirates Lounge in Sydney is stuck in the basement, but you'll have a long walk to get to it, now that Sydney Airport have closed the closest entrance and make you walk through the lefthand duty free maze, via the shopping hub, down a long corridor, and then through the second older duty free hub. A maze, it is indeed. Finally you get to it, one floor beneath the main departures level and two floors below the Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand lounges. Access is via the slow lift that foes to the lounge above, and past the Malaysian Airlines lounge. Here's a factoid for you this lounge used to be the United Airlines lounge, until major cutbacks (and the fact it was lousy) made them use the AirNZ lounge. Now it is all Emirates.

The lounge is big and it needs to be because there are three flights to Dubai one via Bangkok plus a daily flight to Auckland, and another one to Christchurch. Thankfully, these are staggered throughout the day, but even so, with five daily flights, three using an A380, this lounge can get packed, particularly late at night when all those on the A380 from Auckland pop in, and join those on the A380 to Sydney.

Emirates Lounge Sydney
Sydney Emirates Lounge

The lounge is exactly what you would expect from other Emirates lounges exactly the same decor with lots of wood, beige leather armchairs, and lots of small coffee tables. At least there are windows, although the view tends to be of aircraft noses, because the lounge is low down. There are plenty of armchairs, or as you go around there is the dining area, and the usual long worktop with a view out of the windows.


Food is great, with a decent breakfast available for the horrendously early 6am flight to Dubai, and the later 9am and 10am flights to Auckland and Christchurch. You can get a decent cooked breakfast, with eggs either scrambled or baked en cocotte, plus hash browns and mushroom frittata. Alas no bacon, and the sausages are... chicken. Halal it definitely is.
Emirates Lounge Sydney
Sydney Emirates Lounge has windows & a view

There are also European-style deli plates. Later in the day for the evening 7pm Bangkok flight there are the usual hot selections including curry and pasta, plus beef and ham salads, prawns, salmon, and a great range of deserts: these are refreshed for the 10pm Dubai flight.


The bar is the usual Emirates selection, with three whites (with generally Cloudy Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, along with a Chardonnay, and Pinot Gris) plus three reds. Absolute top marks must go for the bottles of champagne, no Aussie sparklers here, it is the proper French stuff : Verve-Cliquot no less, and better than the Moet served on the plane. However in the mornings it isn't chilled, unless you open a bottle from the fridge yourself. There is an equally good range of spirits.


In lounge, and good, with showers.

Business Facilities

Computers are fairly good, with four desktop PCs with a lightning fast internet connection, and a printer. The Wifi is pretty good too, although here the wifi password (emiratessyd) isn't displayed on the tables, it is on a card handed out at reception.
Emirates Lounge Sydney
Sydney Emirates Lounge Aussie dining

There is a magazine rack with all of the Aussie papers, and a vast range of magazines, although all of them are the Dubai edition. There are also showers, and in the far corner two massage chairs.


Remenber you have to go down into the basement, by the transfer security line, to find the lounge.

You can get access to the lounge on Auckland-Sydney-Dubai flights, but you have to go through security (but not passport control).

Emirates Sydney Lounge
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