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Emirates lounge Perth
Perth Emirates Lounge
The Emirates lounge in Perth is a pretty standard Emirates lounge, but compared to the rest of the offerings in Perth, particularly in the international terminal, it's brilliant.

Once past security, weave through the Duty free shop, left, pass the Qantas Club, and there is the Emirates lounge. You really can't miss it - Perth is that tiny.

The Emirates lounge is a pretty small square room, and with views sadly only out to the car park. There are the usual beige Emirates chairs, and at the end the small buffet space.


The food in the Perth Emirates lounge is very good, with decent veggie and vegan options.

There is the usual round Emirates fridge, with lots of plated up small salads and desserts. There is also a huge amount of fish, with grilled barramundi, prawn salad, and lobster salad. Being WA there are also homemade steak and onion pies, and lamb tagine.

Emirates lounge Perth
Perth Emirates Lounge


Yup, no problem with a bar in the Emirates lounge Perth. Crown Beer and Heineken is in the fridge, two type red and white on the worktop, and a small selection of spirits.


In lounge.

Business Facilities

Free wifi, although a tad slow.
Video of the Emirates Perth Lounge
Emirates Perth Lounge
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