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NEWS: The Brisbane Qantas Domestic Business Class lounge is to be replaced with an new Business Lounge at the domestic terminal in Brisbane, along with an expanded Qantas Club.

Brisbane Qantas Business Class Lounge
Brisbane Qantas Business Class Lounge Qantas Domestic Terminal
The Qantas domestic business class lounge feels like an add-on to the main terminal - and that's what it is. The lounge was created by cannibalising part of the main Qantasclub a few years back, and taking the area with views of the tarmac. And that's what it feels like.

As a result there are great runway views and there is plenty of natural sunlight, however the lounge feels small and indeed quite cramp at peak periods. It has better facilities than the Qantasclub next door (nice showers for a start), however it also has a distinct lack of seating.

There are however three distinct zones for working (at the back) and unwinding (in the big square room at the far end) and dining (in the middle), a good bar, and all day barista coffee.

Qantas Business Class Lounge Brisbane
Brisbane Qantas Business Class Lounge Qantas Domestic Terminal

After clearing security and taking the escalator upstairs, turn around and you'll spot the main Qantas lounge entrance - the business class door is to the right of reception.

To find the Qantas Domestic Business Class lounge at Brisbane, once through security head upstairs, turn left, to the end of the concourse, and at the desk, take the smaller hidden right hand door - the staff on the desk may not always beckon you in this direction unless you ask for access to the Business side.

There are three main parts to the lounge, and when you enter you're right by the dining zone, with dining tables adjacent to the buffet. However as the lounge fills up, this is the area that gets the busiest.

There is a small white bench here too, which tends to be commanded by suited workers with laptops. There are power sockets- although not USB outlets - on each side of the bench. However the main seating area of the lounge is the large square room at the far end. Here there are usually plenty of seats, with the usual Qantas armchairs and cocktail tables. Right next to here is the business zone, with a handful of iMacs

The business lounge's Achilles heel is always lunchtime, and early evening, and at this time it can get packed and then some, so if you find it difficult to find a seat, head backwards. Here, behind the reception desk, is another area with TVs and seats, which can often be quieter than the main lounge.

Brisbane Qantas Business Class Lounge
Brisbane Qantas Business Class Lounge Qantas Domestic Terminal


Food varies during the day, but there are usually hot options, although the food in the Brisbane Qantas Business Class Lounge goes very quickly during the early evening. At breakfast time there are the usual cereals (plus Bircher muesli) and bread selection, with toasters and a sandwich press nearby. There is also some fruit salad, and Greek-style yoghurts.

You can also make up a hot breakfast, with pancakes with maple syrup, bacon, mushrooms and eggs (scrambled or fried).

At lunchtime there is the usual salad an hot option - typically meat and rice. There is also, between 1pm and 3pm, and again from 5pm, the 'plate of the day' with a chef, who proudly puts up the 'Diner' sign next to the buffet. These options can be a bit varied, with chicken in a bun one day, and goat's curd bruschetta on sourdough the next.


The Qantas Business Class Lounge in Brisbane has a full complementary bar from midday. You can serve yourself wine, or ask for a beer. The bar at the front has the usual Qantas array of three wines in a trough, and three reds above it. These are self-serve, and are usually identical to those on the QantasPub side.
Qantas Business Class Lounge Brisbane
Brisbane Qantas Business Class Lounge Qantas Domestic Terminal

Next to this area, there are three juice containers and a soft drinks fountain.

There is beer, but only in bottles, and you have to ask for it. Mind you, there is a vast array of choice.

Shots and cocktails are made up by the barstaff.

Business Facilities

The business centre is one of the features of the Qantas Business Class Lounge in Brisbane, but it is in a really silly location - right in the middle of the main room. There are three imacs (which also run windows), but the desks tend to be taken by people having their lunch. There is the usual ASX readout of share prices, and a laser printer which doubles as a photocopier.

There is a very good magazine and newspaper rack.

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Qantas Brisbane Domestic Business Lounge
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