ADL: Adelaide Virgin Australia The Lounge


NEWS: Renovation of the Virgin Australia Adelaide lounge is expected to commence in 2014.

Virgin Australia Lounge Adelaide
Adelaide Virgin Australia The Lounge
The Virgin Australia Lounge at Adelaide is a small remote outpost, off the main curved corridor, with a view over the carpark. It is one of the older style lounges, and hasn't been revamped for some time.

Never the less, it is quite swish, with a central area with typical Virgin Australia armchairs, surrounded by a curved wall. There are also a rack of stools at 45 degrees overlooking the windows: alas with a view of the car park.

At the inner most side is a bench type sofa, opposite a TV - next to the corridor to the bathrooms. At the far end is a food servery and bar, while at the other end is the business centre.

Virgin Australia Lounge Adelaide
Adelaide Virgin Australia The Lounge


At the other end to the TV is the food servery. Food here is surprisingly good, with a small salad seleciton, including olives, salami, marinated mushrooms, a couple of deli meats, Swiss cheese, a choice of salads, rice cakes and sliced bread, plus lavash crackers and dips.

There is also generally a soup on offer: in the Virgin Adelaide Lounge it is not always that very fresh or hot, but it does the job.

Next to the soup is a hot sandwich maker: you can make your own toasties with the bread rolls, butter, cheese and ham from the salad selection.

Virgin Australia Lounge Adelaide
Adelaide Virgin Australia The Lounge


In the Virgin lounge Adelaide there is a fully staffed bar - and it is quite good. It is at the far end on the right, where wine is on the table top, but you have to ask for beer or spirits.

The wine is surprisingly top-notch - and almost all from South Australia. There are generally three types of red, and four of white, plus a sparkling in the bucket.

Beer is also very good, with the fridge rammed with everything Crown to Pure Blonde, Fat Yak, Carlton Dry, Peroni, and all the types of Coopers. There is even Strongbow cider!

Spirts are however not a strong point, unless you like Bundy, but the staff can russle up whisky, gin and vodka.

Next to the food area there is a soft drinks machine.


There are bathrooms in the lounge - the door is next to the food servery. However, there are no showers.
Virgin Australia Lounge Adelaide
Adelaide Virgin Australia The Lounge

Business Facilities

There are two computers in the Virgin Lounge Adelaide. They are very slow. Next to them there is a very good photocopier come printer.

There is a small meeting room in the Adelaide Virgin Lounge.

wifi comes from the airport's own wifi supply.

Virgin Australia Adelaide
Virgin Australia Lounge rated: 3 out of 10
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