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Singapore Airlines Adelaide SilverKris Business Class lounge July 2012
Adelaide Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge
The Singapore Airlines SilverKris lounge at Adelaide is something of an oddity, but a pleasant one. The major significance is that Adelaide Airport is arranged in quite an unusual fashion, and although there are three other airside lounges, the Singapore Lounge at Adelaide is the only one after passport control. If you can't get access to the lounge, you'll join the thousand or so people milling around in the rather small space after security with just a tiny cafe and duty free to keep you company. (Read the Adelaide Airport Guide ).

Access to the lounge has been made easier in recent years: it used to be strictly for Business Class only, but now Gold SilverKris and even Star Alliance Gold members are let in: this means that although on Air New Zealand you will get an invite to the QantasClub, you can actually access the Adelaide Singapore Airlines SilverKris lounge if you are Star Alliance Gold. There is no access for Priority Pass.

To find the lounge after passport control, go left, out into the main ‘holding pen’ by gate 16, left again by the Villa Café, along the concourse, and there is a large, and rather deserted area with big escalators descending into the basement, marked ‘International Lounges’.

Singapore Airlines Adelaide SilverKris Business Class lounge July 2012
Adelaide Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge
At the bottom of the escalators there are three large rooms – marked in turn for the future site of the Adelaide Qantas and Malaysia Airlines airside lounges (as yet unbuilt) and then doubling back on yourself, at the far end of the inner hall, is the (by now near mythical) Singapore Airlines lounge Adelaide.

There is a large reception desk, behind which there are lots of models of SQ planes that will never fly into South Australia, and friendly reception staff who always seem surprised that anyone has found the lounge.

The lounge really isn't up to much, but it is pleasant never the less, having been recently redecorated: it is a basic small box of a room, with 30 or so chairs (with very harsh, wooden armrests). There is a silver dividing screen between the two halves of the lounge, but it doesn't take away the dentist-waiting room feeling: the lounge is generally very quiet and you can hear everything everyone says.

There are no windows in the lounge: it also has a rather gloomy and sombre air, however the relative lack of traffic it has means it still seems fresh crisp and new, many years after it was opened (in 2005). Mornings are generally more packed than the evenings, but whatever the time of day, you’ll generally find a seat, although seats together can be a problem, as many seats are arranged as a block of 4 with each seat at 90 degrees to the next one.

Singapore Airlines Adelaide SilverKris Business Class lounge July 2012
Adelaide Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge


In the middle of the lounge is the combined food counter and bar: really it is just on a refectory counter.

There are three plates under glass tops, with with sandwiches, rolls, and sweet desserts. The sandwiches can be good, with salmon and ham. Desserts are mainly of the ‘cake’ variety, including a pleasant sticky date pudding.

There is a heated cabinet with pies that at first glance appears to be totally empty: in fact inside there are mini pies, and sausage rolls. A grid to the right of the cabinet has an instruction manual for which pie is which. Hot meat pies with tomato sauce go quickly.

On the shelf are pot noodles, while for the early morning flights there are packets of cornflakes. There are also packets of Arnotts biscuits.


The bar in the Adelaide Singapore Airlines Business Class lounge is brilliant: more so considering the small size of the lounge. Then again, for the afternoon flight on a Friday, there are plenty of people who will party hard in the lounge before going off to the island state, so it needs to be.
Singapore Airlines Adelaide SilverKris Business Class lounge July 2012
Adelaide Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge

In the vast fridge to the left of the refectory counter there are miniature bottles of wine, with two types of white (both South Australian wine) and a sparkling Pinot Noir. Red is on the upper shelf by the pot noodles.

The beer selection is very good indeed, with lots of Coopers – as you would expect. All of their varieties are here. There is also Heiniken, Tiger, Boags, Corona, and Crown.

Sprits are equally good, with ten known labels of spirits in free-pour bottles. There is Bombay Sapphire, Jack Daniels, Martell VSOP, Absolute Vodka, Black Label, Pernod, Bacardi, Campari, and Baileys (in the fridge: one of the few lounges to put it where it should be!)

Mixers are also in the fridge, along with small bottles of fruit juice.

Business Facilities

This is where the Adelaide Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge really shines.
Singapore Airlines Adelaide SilverKris Business Class lounge July 2012
Adelaide Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge
Next to reception there is a small alcove, which has six desks, which are pleasant, light and brand new. Here there are two computers, which are fast and new. The one on the left also has an attached printer and photocopier. There is also a landline phone here, with free domestic calls.

There is free Wireless Internet throughout the lounge: the password is printed on a sheet of A4 and stuck above the desks in the business centre.


There are toilets in the lounge – to the left of the bar.

The real surprise is that there is one unisex shower as well – but no amenities, you have to bring your own. Ask at reception for a towel.


The bad news is that access to the lounge is restricted from 2pm to 3.30pm... which isn't ideal for the 5pm flight! If you are in the lounge you can stay there as it remains open, but immigration close down for their lunch immediately after the Qantas flight leaves dead on 2pm.
Singapore Airlines Adelaide SilverKris Business Class lounge July 2012
Adelaide Escalators to the lounge
Therefore, if you have lounge access you need to check in very early or very late, or you will just hang around on the concourse for hours after checkin, trying to get through passport control, before entering the international part of the terminal, and going down the escalators to the lounge.

The other option is to visit the Virgin Australia lounge, just opposite passport control but before it, in domestic, if you have access to that.

The lounge is a full Star Alliance Gold lounge: you can access it on the Air New Zealand flights.

Singapore SilverKris Lounge Adelaide
►Curry & Rice
►Biscuits, cheese, nuts
►Open from lunchtime
►Beer: Guinness, Carlsberg, Tiger, San Miguell & Heiniken
►1 red & 1 white wine
►No Champagne, sparkling wine
Business Facilities:
►No computers, free wifi
TV in lounge. Newspaper rack.
Showers & Bathrooms:
Bathroom in lounge
Singapore SilverKris Lounge rated: 6 out of 10
from 10 visits by loungeindex.

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