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NEWS: Renovations of the Adelaide Qantasclub lounge are expected to commence in 2014, with the addition of a Business Class section.

Qantasclub Adelaide Qantas Business Class lounge Sept 2011
Adelaide Qantas Qantasclub
The Adelaide QantasClub is a vast improvement on what went before. It was rebuilt a couple of years ago, and as such is a vast haven of peace and quiet. The lounge has a couple of curiosities: there is no Adelaide Qantas Business Lounge as yet.

And so the QantasClub doubles up as the Business section for those up the pointy end: This is odd, as there is plenty of space for a business section, and indeed the ‘far room’ is almost designed for it, with two areas around a central service core, however it seems that Qantas revamped this lounge too soon: just before it came up with the Business Lounge concept, and as such it’ll be a few years before Qantas feel like taking this lounge to bits again to fit in a business section.

The other oddity about the QantasClub Adelaide is that it also doubles up as the International lounge for all airlines, for example by Malaysian Airlines for its international services, and even for Air New Zealand. At times it can be very busy indeed.

Qantasclub Adelaide Qantas Business Class lounge Sept 2011
Adelaide Qantas Qantasclub

Even the concourse outside is a bit odd, with two unusual gates in the middle of the terminal being changed to international use by means of large swinging glass doors, which shut off this part of the terminal: hence if you are in the Adelaide Qantas Club before an international flight, you need to leave early to clear passport control, to go into this ‘sealed’ area. The only airside lounge is the Adelaide Singapore Airlines Silver Kris lounge.

The Adelaide Qantas Club is arranged in a great big circle around the central service ‘square’. When you walk in, you are initially in the large business centre, then on the right is food bar, although it is a long way from the big white dining table that is on your left. As you carry on around the square walking widdershins, there are large floor to ceiling windows, alas with views only of the car park, then as you carry on the bar – two bars no less – are on your left, while up ahead is a quiet area, behind the wooden screen. Finally, as you come around the circle again there is a mobile phone re charging area on the right.

Qantasclub Adelaide Qantas Business Class lounge Sept 2011
Adelaide Qantas Qantasclub


Food is the usual Qantas affair of salads with cold meat and cheese, with two types of hot soup at the long feeding station to the right of the lounge. A curiosity of Adelaide is the way everyone will always queue up in a neat line for the food, and woe betide you if you jump the queue.

Despite some long haul flights using the lounge, there is no sign of any pre-flight dining. Indeed, Qantas don’t seem to have made much of an effort on this front at all. In the mornings there is a good breakfast spread.


The bar is on the left side of the circle, and indeed there are two bars, at either end of the counter: both are identical; however it seems that Qantas put in the infrastructure so they could divide this section off for business class if they chose.

There are the usual wines, with three reds, three whites, and a sparkling, many of which seem to be sourced locally from the Barossa valley, and which are a notable step up from the usual Qantas fare. Beer is kept behind the bar, and you have to ask for this, and this is also the case with the spirits.

Qantasclub Adelaide Qantas Business Class lounge Sept 2011
Adelaide Qantas Qantasclub

Business Facilities

The business centre is much better than the usual QantasClub allotment, with dozens of computers, all of which have a separate printer attached.

There is also the usual wall with stock prices, and a good magazine rack; alas papers are just The Australian, with no international papers.


Next to the computers, behind the multicoloured screens, are the bathrooms. These are very stylish, and wouldn't be out of place in an upmarket hotel, and they also have great showers.
Qantasclub Adelaide
►At least two hot dishes
►Biscuits, cheese, nuts
►Salad bar.
►Open from lunchtime
►Beer: VB, Crown
►3 red & 3 white wine
►No Champagne, sparkling wine
Business Facilities:
►20 fast PCs, printer
TV in lounge. Newspaper rack.
Showers & Bathrooms:
Bathroom in lounge, with good showers
Other airlines using the Virgin Australia Lounge:
► Cathay Pacific Adelaide Business Class Lounge
► Malaysian Airlines Adelaide Business Class Lounge
► Air New Zealand Adelaide Koruclub
Virgin Australia Lounge rated: 7 out of 10
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