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Maple Leaf Lounge Montreal Domestic June 2011
Montreal Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge
There are three Maple Leaf Lounges at Montreal; Domestic, Domestic, and the strange limbo land of the transborder US area.

To get from security to the domestic lounge turn right, walk all the way down to the end by gate 47, turn right again down a corridor that only seems to have toilets, left and right, past the exit of domestic security, and you'll be in the domestic pier by gate 1.

There is if course a large domestic Air Canada maple leaf lounge at Montreal, and you can walk airside from here to international, which is very useful when International shuts during the day. It is halfway down the domestic pier, right after Moe's restaurant and opposite the cashpoint(ATM), through the heavy glass door, and then up the stairs. There is a small desk at the top of the stairs, although at busy times the queue for the desk can sometimes go all the way down the stairs and even out into the corridor.

Unlike the international lounge, the domestic lounge is divided up into small rooms, which makes the place seem smaller than it is. When you walk in there is a small lounge on the left by the desk, with a corridor that ends in the self-serve bar. On the right is a computer room, while if you widggle left then right is the food area with a long food bar in the middle, and finally at the back is a cinema room.

Maple Leaf Lounge Montreal Domestic June 2011
Montreal Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge

The cinema room is great, with a large widescreen TV on the wall, and surround sound. Alas, with only one TV to watch, it is generally stuck on the channel that the first visitor to the lounge tuned into at the start of the day. In the corner is a large bay window, and here there is a telescope overlooking the runway: this isn't some way away in the distance: uniquely the lounge is positioned only a few hundred feet from the takeoff point, and aircraft take off over your head. This can be deafening when a fully loaded 747 takes off.


The Food is in the room beside the cinema, on a long surfboard shaped metal counter. Alas describing it as Air Canada does as the dining area is a bit of a misnomer. Food consists for most of the day of just a salad and dips, with a bowl of lettuce, carrots and cucumber, and small pots of dipping sauce, plus bottles of thousand island and Ceaser dressing.
Maple Leaf Lounge Montreal Domestic June 2011
Montreal Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge
There is also hot soup on the counter behind, and sliced baguettes in a metal basket. There are also three large jars of stuffed olives to complete the rather basic catering. At breakfast it is slightly better, with cereal and toast, plus jam and butter. At least there are decent metal knives and forks. Beside the counter there are several tables and chairs, with a superb view of the runway. Indeed, the Air Canada Montreal Lounge is a very good place to sit and see the airport traffic.


The bar is small but very well stocked with 10 types spirits including Black Label, Glenlivet and Smirnoff vodka. These are on optics above the bar, except for the Gran Marnier and Baileys which are on the right of the counter. which also has one white in a bucket, and one red (but no champagne) bottle of wine. Beer is on draft, with a beer tap for Coors light, Molson Canadian, and Guinness draught. Cans of soft drink are in the fridge with a glass door, and unusually are full sized cans. To the right of the bar is a small counter with packets of crisps and a bowl of fruit.
Maple Leaf Lounge Montreal Domestic June 2011
Montreal Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge


There are showers in the lounge.

Business Facilities

There is a small computer room with just two PCs, and a printer, although there is also free wifi in the lounge. A newspaper rack beside the reception desk has most of the Canadian daily papers, a few from the US, but no other international papers. You can grab a paper on your way out as you leave, and also take one of the Air Canada branded boiled sweets in the bowl.
Air Canada Montreal Lounge
Air Canada Lounge rated: 4 out of 10
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