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The Istanbul Wings Prime Class Lounge is one of 3 lounges operated by Prime Class, and all of them offer similar facilities, and indeed this one is right besdie the 'other' Prime Class lounge, down in the basement, down the escalator next to Burger King, and straight ahead at the bottom.
Wings Prime Class Istanbul lounge
Istanbul Wings Prime Class Istanbul lounge

The Wings Prime Class Lounge Istanbul is run by TAV Airports Holdings, and it sort of shows - the food is identical to the other lounges, as are the seats and even the atmosphere. However it is smaller, and if you are paying, it might be better to head to the main Prime Class Lounge next door which is better, with a larger bar and food options, and which is used by British Airways.

This version has a window, which looks onto the landside lightwell - there isn't a great view.

At 300 square meters, it's not too large either - it seats 100 people.

The odd thing about it is that Primeclass haven't just merged it with their other lounge next door.


The Istanbul Wings Prime Class Lounge has a heated buffet table, but with only basic hot food - rolls and pies.

There are sandwiches and snacks including nuts, fresh and dried fruit, chocolate, chips, croissants, and various sweet and savoury pastries.

There are some OK deserts too, with cheesecake, ice cream, and profiteroles.


The bar is OK in the Wings Prime Class Istanbul Lounge, but not as good as the real walk up bar in the PrimeClass lounge next door - these subtle distinctions matter.
Istanbul Wings Wings Prime Class lounge
Istanbul Wings Prime Class lounge

Beer is good, with Efes Pilsner on draft, and bottles of Efes Light too. Wine comes in white, Red, or Rose, and all from the same Turkish vineyard.

There are a few bottles of spirits too.


In Lounge

Business Facilities

Business facilities in the Istanbul Wings Prime Class Lounge consist of four workstations. There are no computers.

There is free wifi - ask at the desk for the code.

Good Turkish newspaper collection too.


Its a plain pay per use lounge, and costs 40 euro to get in.

The lounge is also a Priority Pass and Airport Angel lounge.

Wings Prime Class Istanbul Lounge
Wings Prime Class Lounge rated: 7 out of 10
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