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London Heathrow Skyteam Lounge LHR
London Heathrow Skyteam Lounge
The new Skyteam lounge at London Heathrow is a delight: think minimalist design, curvy (living) walls, a chilled wine bar, and a lounge that is large enough to really wander around and discover new and uncharted areas.

The Heathrow Skyteam Lounge is located in the old BA LHR T4 Executive Club, it is a far cry from when BA shipped out, and all the Skyteam airlines moved in. Indeed, because so many airlines now call London Heathrow Terminal 4 home, this lounge is actually a Skyteam branded lounge, rather than being owned by any specific Skyteam airline (of which there isn’t one that calls LHR home). This can cause problems, because technically it is a contract lounge, and there are sometime issues getting entry with paid memberships as opposed to being in Business or First. Technically it is also the Delta London Heathrow Lounge, the KLM LHR Business Class Lounge, the Alitalia LHR Freccia Alata Lounge and the Air France Lounge London Heathrow LHR Salon d'affaires.

To find the LHR Skyteam lounge, head right after security, past the seafood bar, and right after WHSmiths. There is a large Skyteam logo in the sky, over the entrance. The entrance desk is on the left, and it is here you face the challenge of entry, which is more difficult than at most airlines lounges. Boarding cards and status details / cards have to match exactly.

Skyteam Lounge London Heathrow LHR
Heathrow Skyteam Lounge

To the right, opposite the entrance, are the small steep stairs to the upper floor, which are pretty much hidden. Both levels have a similar style of décor, with walls composed of a living wall of plants, and with wide floor to ceiling windows overlooking the airport runway. However, the upper level is always much quieter and more peaceful, if only because so few people manage to find it.

As you enter on the lower level the wellbeing ‘spa’ is on the left, newspapers are in the middle, while on the right is the catering and at the far end the famous wine bar. Along the wall here is by far the best area to sit, with a great view from the 2+2 chairs overlooking the apron.

On the lower level of the Heathrow Skyteam Lounge there are seating areas dotted all over the lounge, with some of them facing small TVs, such as at the back of the food area. Four odd ones are faced in a square, around a round table, by the entrance.

The Upper level of the Skyteam Lounge Heathrow is similar to the lower level, but with more of a business focus: there are computers around the outer semi-circle on the left, a playstation games area, a kids playroom and even a VIP room which can be reserved, but which is normally closed. There is not as much food however, and no wine bar: this area is taken up with a sleeping area. This is great, with five individual relaxation rooms with a modern lounge chair with a small side table, lamp and power sockets.

London Heathrow Skyteam Lounge
Heathrow Skyteam Lounge


You can enjoy a great buffet at the Skyteam LHR lounge, with food areas on both the upper and lower areas, although generally there is better food on the lower deck. Here there is an island buffet, with hot items at the far end.

Breakfasts are good, with a full cooked English available. Sausages, beans, fried bread and mushrooms are under the hot covers.

Later in the day there are just snacks until lunchtime, when there is rice and pasta under two of the covers, and sauces with lumps of chicken or beef.

There is also a good salad, with ham and cheese.


The LHR Heathrow Skyteam Lounge is justly famous for the circular pour-your-own wine lounge; and it is as good as it looks. It is a circular nook with warm subtle lighting, backed by the palatial back-lit wall of wine bottles. This is what flying is for.
Skyteam Lounge London Heathrow LHR
Heathrow Skyteam Lounge

There is a wine list on the worktop, and it includes good tasting notes, and a few spirits here, but if you want the full selection of liquors, look at the back of the food area, where there is a shelf with about 20 bottles, all free-pour, and come to that some more wine bottles too. Mixers are in the fridge under the worktop.

Beer however is quite poor in the LHR Skyteam lounge, with just a few bottles in the fridge.

There is soft drinks fountain, and four types of fresh juices in jugs behind the food area.

Business Facilities

Computers are on the upper level, at the far left beside the VIP room, with four PCs in a circle, and a printer. On an inner circle, there are five playstations, with some good games loaded.

WIFI is free and fast.

There is a very comprehensive newspaper selection by the big circular rack, and magazines on the shelf below.

London Heathrow Skyteam Lounge
Heathrow Skyteam Lounge


There are toilets on both levels.

On the Upper level there is a small area with showers, and an oxygen bar, which a small variety of scented air.


Generally, to access the lounge you need a First and Business Class ticket on any Skyteam airline. You also should gain access with SkyTeam Elite Plus status, but it is crucial to ensure that your boarding pass reflects this, as the team on the desk can't look up status to check it, and it is easier for them to just say no, and trust me, the receptionist like to say no.

You can by access if you are already a Priority Pass member for only £18.00, but remember to do this online before you fly, and carry a print out of this.

Qatar Airways passengers with oneworld status also gain access in economy, which is odd, as Qatar has it's own lounge at the airport. However, the Qatar lounge is very small, so this is the default Qatar Airways Lounge Heathrow. Remember to get a voucher at check in. Or, you can just go around to the Malaysia Airlines lounge, which is oneworld.

Skyteam Lounge London Heathrow LHR
Heathrow Skyteam Lounge

It's paid membership of Delta Skyclub that causes the most problems: even with a full year membership, and Skyclub printed on your boarding pass, you may be out of luck with the reception dragon citing 'space issues'. If your boarding pass doesn't have a SkyClub validation, you will just be totally out of luck.

With a 30 day Delta membership you can occasionally gain entry, but it's a bit of a game of chance: generally, if you have this, you really need a lounge invitation from Delta check-in (which they rarely provide, and just assure you that 'it'll be fine'. It won't).

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Skyteam Heathrow Lounge
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