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SAS Domestic Lounge Stockholm Arlanda
SAS Domestic Lounge Stockholm
The SAS Stockholm Domestic Lounge at the Domestic end of the terminal, in T4. After security, walk straight ahead towards the end of the pier and then you will see a door on the left. Inside you can take either the stairs or the lift to the lounge.

When you get to the SAS Stockholm Domestic Lounge, you may get a shock - the lounge is unmanned, and to get access you need to swipe your Eurobonus card. After you have swiped you can select on the screen if you are going to bring one guest. The gate then allows entering two times. If you aren't in Eurobonus, you need to find the service counter downstairs, and here you can have real problems if you are just a Star Alliance gold - the desk likes to say no. You may need to bring a printout of your Frequent Flyer access policy.

However, the lounge itself is pretty poor - its a small room, with some quite comfy chairs, but it is still tiny.

There are however computers and free wifi, plus quite a nice view of apron outside the sky city.


Food in the SAS Stockholm Domestic Class Lounge is good enough, but not over the top. There are six tubs of salad variants, with tomatoes and lettuce etc. There is also an odd tub of herbed lard.

There are lots of types of bread rolls, however the lack of anything hot is notable, except for the hot soup.

The breakfast cold buffet is pretty good, with a selection of breads, there was ham, condiments, biscuits, chips, greens and salad sauces.

SAS Domestic Lounge Stockholm
SAS Lounge Stockholm


There is a self serve beer tap, with Pripps Bla beer on draft.

Don't miss the wine taps: red and white is on draft too. The walls of the bar area are have bottles of much nicer wine, but it is strictly for decoration.

There is a soft drinks fountain, with six types, including coke, fizzy apple juice, and even fizzy cranberry juice. Unusual.

The SAS Domestic lounge also has a coffee machine.

SAS Domestic Lounge Stockholm Arlanda
SAS Domestic Lounge Stockholm


In lounge.

Domestic Facilities

There are four iMac Internet computers on a shelf in the SAS Domestic lounge.

Lounge wifi is free and fast.

Video of the SAS Stockholm Domestic Class Lounge
SAS Stockholm Domestic Lounge
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