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Iberia Madrid Lounge
Madrid Iberia Velazquez Lounge
The Iberia Velazquez Lounge is the Madrid oneworld lounge for Non-Schengen & Longhaul. It is quite quiet in the day, but manic in the evening with lots of long haul flights leaving, mainly for the US. Alas, it is in the Satellite, so you can't lounge hop to the calmer Dali lounge.

The Iberia Velazquez Lounge is however the vast mother of a lounge for all the international and non-Schengen European flights (including the BA ones, hence it is the defacto British Airways Madrid lounge).

The entrance is just off the main shopping corridor in the satellite. It is vast, and you may have some luck in finding an English speaking member of staff who actually wants to help you.

Iberia Madrid Lounge
Madrid Iberia Velazquez Lounge

If you are transferring off an domestic flight ignore the Goya lounge downstairs, go down further, past passport control, into what looks like a very unpromising corridor, and up two floors to the top shopping floor level.

Windows run all the way along the lounge, with a great view of the gates and runway. As you come in on the right is the dining area, the smoking area, and a TV room, and on the left the spirit bar, another TV room, and the wine bar at the far end.


At each end of the lounge is the food bar. It has a selection of ham & cheese rolls, fruit, peanuts, more cheese and biscuits. And, errr... that's it. The lounge also has a pre-flight dinner service for the late evening flights, in the walled off dining room on the extreme right. It is open from 2100 until 0000, for first, business class passengers, and Iberia Plus Platium members only, although you may occasionally get in with a oneWorld Emerald card.
Iberia Madrid Lounge
Madrid Iberia Velazquez Lounge


The Winebar is a delight. It has several self pour bottles of very good Spanish wine. Cava and miniature bottles are in the fridge behind you. The Spirit bar is equally good, with about 40 bottles strewn over the worktop, including some obscure Spanish spirits of unknown origin.


In lounge.

Business Facilities

There are five computers in the cubby hole on the left hand side. They are quite fast, with Firefox.
Iberia Madrid Lounge
Madrid Iberia Velazquez Lounge

There is also a TV on the wall, Spanish Newspapers and Magazines, free wifi (free 30 minute wifi cards given out at the desk), Fax and Phone.

Newspapers are on the stand behind the main entrance desk.


There are three different lounges at Iberia's new terminal at its Madrid hub - and you can always select the correct one, because you are forced into it by a complex mesh of glass screens and network of floors. In effect, you don't have any options, and you can't lounge-hop.

The Dali lounge handles flights from the main terminal (most Schengen flights and Ibiza/Canary Islands). In the Satellite - a ten minute train ride away - there is the Velazquez lounge in the central area on Level 1 at T4S, for long haul (open 0600-0130) which also has a pre-flight dinner service, and the Goya lounge on Level 0 for domestic (open 0600-0000).

Iberia Velazquez Madrid Lounge
►Basic finger food.
►Good salad bar with ham and cheese
►Biscuits, cheese, nuts
►Sandwiches in the evening.
►Separate late evening dining room with two hot dishes & selection of deserts
►Free alcohol, free pour
►Beer: Heiniken, Carlsberg
►1 red & 1 white wine
►No Champagne, but sparkling wine
Business Facilities:
►Several fast PCs, printer
►Wifi in lounge
TV in lounge. Newspaper rack.
Showers & Bathrooms:
Bathroom in lounge, no showers
Other airlines using the Iberia Velazquez Lounge:
► British Airways Madrid Terraces Business Class Lounge
► Delta Madrid Business Class Lounge (Delta Skyclub Madrid)
► American Airlines Madrid Business Class Lounge (Madrid Admirals Club)
Iberia Velazquez Lounge rated: 6 out of 10
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