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Oslo SAS Business Class Lounge
Oslo SAS Lounge Business Class Lounge
NEWS: The SAS Business Class Lounge is being upgraded. Soon there will be an extra room with more seating to the left of the main room.

The Oslo SAS Lounge is small but comfortable, decorated in the latest SAS style, which means lots of blonde wood, large white round lights, and racks of seats. The SAS Oslo lounge is the Oslo star alliance lounge for Business Class, and shouldn't be confused with the Oslo OSL lounge opposite.

However, the Oslo SAS Scandinavian Airlines Business Class lounge is not the Oslo Star Alliance Gold lounge. Oh no - that is a totally different lounge, a sub-lounge if you like, entered through the Gold door at the far end of the Oslo SAS Business Class lounge.

Go that, good. Because both are pretty much the same. It's just the Gold lounge is larger, and has somewhat better food.

Oslo SAS Scandinavian Business Class Lounge
Oslo Lounge SAS Business Class Lounge

To find the lounge, go through customs and duty free, and half way along the terminal before passport control, take the stairs (or lift) on the left hand side up, and go across the bridge. You don't need a lounge invite, and the lounge staff are pretty on the ball when it comes to frequent flyer cards.

Alas the Oslo SAS Business Class lounge is pretty much one small room, with a view backwards along the gates, and of the great Gold door into the Gold lounge. It's small enough that you can pretty much see the whole lounge from the entrance.

In the far corner is the bar counter, and in front of it the food counter. In front of it are the four circular tables with circular parasol lights that pretty much define an SAS lounge.

Oslo SAS Business Class Lounge
Oslo SAS Lounge Business Class Lounge

Behind the reception desk is the most comfortable area, with a sofa and TV.

There is a decent view from the lounge of the gates and the duty free shop, plus of course the distant pine forest, but other than that the SAS lounge is nothing special. However it is a decent enough place to relax away from the chaos of the terminal below.

There is a lot of working space but not so much comfort space. The place could use a few proper lounge chairs and a view.

The Star Alliance Gold area is located towards the rear of the lounge providing extra separate space: in effect it is a separate sub lounge within the lounge, and there is always one extra bottle of wine in the Gold section.

Oslo SAS Scandinavian Business Class Lounge
Oslo Lounge SAS Business Class Lounge


Food selection is poor. There is normally only cold food and salads, with cold cuts of ham and cheese, and sometimes small fish cakes.

If you want something hot, there is 'soup of the day' available, but it's often something very bland, like potato.


The bar is again done up in SAS's usual style with the large wall saying 'Relax' and 'Refresh' decorated with some really good bottles of wine.
Oslo SAS Business Class Lounge
Oslo SAS Lounge Business Class Lounge

Indeed, there is only one problem. They are for decoration only.

The Oslo SAS bar selection is best described as 'not great'.

There is red or white wine, on draft pump handles, Carlsberg beer, again on a draft handle, and half a dozen bottles of Munkholm beer, which is a very popular non-alcoholic beer brand in Norway, brewed like real beer, but without the alcohol.


In lounge, to the left of the 'room'.

Pretty basic. No showers.

Oslo SAS Lounge
Oslo SAS Lounge

Business Facilities

Many of the small tables between the seats have power sockets in them, and indeed the lounge seems to operate more as a 'recharging station' than somewhere pleasant to wait before a flight.

There is a large newspaper rack with UK papers including the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and the FT (European version).

Wifi is either the SAS version, with just a code, or you can use the airport's own supply.

Reception can be a bit hit or miss, and you need a Nordic or UK mobile to get an SMS with the code if you using the airport version.

However, you can get a card from reception if you plead that you don't have a Norwegian mobile

Oslo SAS Scandinavian Business Class Lounge
Oslo Lounge SAS Business Class Lounge


You can buy a daypass to the SAS Oslo Lounge, and pay in on the door, however if you have to pay, the OSL lounge next door may be better value.

The price per person is €22/US$30 if you pay when you check in online or €28/US$38 per person if you pay at the reception desk in the lounge. Payment can only be made using a credit card. Then again seeing how expensive a beer is at the airport, it may actually be fair value.

Oslo SAS Business Lounge
Oslo SAS Lounge Business Class Lounge
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Oslo SAS Lounge
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