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Oslo SAS Domestic Lounge
Oslo SAS Lounge Oslo Domestic
The small SAS Domestic lounge is up the small domestic arm of the terminal. Turn left after security, and the lounge is up the stairs half way along the concourse.

The lounge has been revamped with SAS's new lounge style, using the concept of "Tempo". Different areas in the lounge have different tempos which SAS reflect in the design, in everything from the colours and shapes to the furniture.

In the domestic Lounge, it's designed for a pretty quick pace, domestic travel is short, the day is often intense and lounge visit is thus quite short.

In the new domestic lounge at Oslo Gardermoen, this is very clear with bright and intense colors for people on the go.

The key part to the lounge is the central room - well, actually, the only room - with a long white bench surrounded by round cushioned seats. Opposite this there are the usual round circular tables with large white lights.

This place is well-lit, and cleaned continuously with lots of power outlets everywhere you can see.

Oslo SAS Domestic Lounge
Oslo SAS Lounge


Food selection is poor. There is normally only cold food with a very basic salads, plus cold cuts of ham and cheese.

Occasionally there is 'soup of the day' available, but it's often something very bland, like potato.


The bar is at the far end of the long white bench.

The Oslo SAS Bar selection consists of red or white wine, Carlsberg beer, and half a dozen bottles of spirits.


In lounge.
Oslo SAS Domestic Lounge
Oslo SAS Lounge Oslo Domestic

Business Facilities

There is a small computer room with four iMacs.

Free Wifi, but you will need a mobile registered in Norway to get an SMS code to use it.


You can buy a daypass to the SAS Oslo Lounge, and pay in on the door.

The price per person is €22/US$30 if you pay when you check in online or €28/US$38 per person if you pay at the reception desk in the lounge. Payment can only be made using a credit card.

Oslo SAS Lounge
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