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NEWS: The OSL Lounge food has been upgraded. There is now fresh salmon on offer all day.

Oslo OSL Lounge
Oslo OSL Lounge The small pay in lounge in Oslo
The OSL Lounge is the third-party pay in lounge at Oslo, but don't let that put you off. As the main - indeed, the only - lounge for airlines like BA and Qatar, it is a cut above the rest, and way above the SAS lounge at the end of the corridor. As the British Airways Oslo Lounge, replacing BA's own now closed facility, it actually puts many a core BA lounge to shame.

To find the lounge, go through customs and duty free, but not through passport control. Instead, half way along the terminal, take the stairs (or lift) on the left hand side up, and go across the bridge. You don't need a lounge invite, and the lounge staff are pretty on the ball when it comes to frequent flyer cards.

There is a decent view from the lounge of the gates and the distant pine forest, but other than that the OSL lounge is nothing special but it is a decent enough place to relax away from the chaos of the terminal below.

The lounge is in effect one big room: past reception there are three big banks of seats, and then in the main part of the lounge half a dozen set area for small groups. This is a major downside.

Oslo OSL Lounge
Oslo OSL Lounge The small pay in lounge in Oslo

The lounge can get very crowded, especially in the evening. Here, the 'groups of seats' design is shown up, as many passengers spread their belongings around lots of chairs, stopping anyone from entering their 'area', but alas that means you have ask if you can move their stuff if you want a seat, and it can be a real struggle to find a seat without in effect sitting directly opposite them.

The best seats are the comfortable recliner seats, at the far end on the OSL lounge on the right, with a group of three next to the low grey wall, with a great view over the windows.

Alas the toilets open pretty much into the lounge, and into the seats in that corner: this can be an uncomfortable place to sit for any time.

There are no boarding calls, and only two screens for flights, one of which is right by reception. Passport control for UK flights is a good five minute walk, so don't leave it too late as there can sometimes be a scrum to enter the Schengen area.

Oslo OSL Lounge
Oslo OSL Lounge The small pay in lounge in Oslo


The food in the OSL lounge Oslo has recently had a major upgrade, and there is even and Emirates-esq round fridge with salads.

At breakfast time there are lots of pastries, cheese and ham, plus four containers of cerial.

At 11am the offering changes to lunch - with the famous smoked salmon. There is coleslaw, and potato salad, plus bread and crisp-breads, as are crisps and biscuits, apples, olives, cheese, omelette chopped up, and some similar tapas food.

On the other counter are nuts and Doritos in a bowl, plus two jars of French stick bread.


The bar is pretty basic. There is Ringnes (Norwegian lager), plus red and white wine on draft.

Bottles of Sparkling Cava.

Oslo OSL Lounge
Oslo OSL Lounge The small pay in lounge in Oslo


In lounge - and really in lounge: the door opens into the main seating area.

Business Facilities

Small computer room with two old slow PCs.

Oslo OSL Lounge
Oslo OSL Lounge The small pay in lounge in Oslo
Large newspaper rack.

Wifi comes from the airports own supply, and reception can be a bit hit or miss, and you need a Nordic or UK mobile to get an SMS with the code. However, you can get a card from reception if you plead that you don't have a mobile


You can gain access to this lounge in economy, without any frequent flyer status, by paying 275NOK on the door.
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Oslo OSL Lounge
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