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NEWS: Renovations of the Rome British Airways Lounge are complete. Furniture has been updated in a Galleries style, although the food is still the same

The British Airways Rome Lounge at FCO Rome Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport Ė Known as the BA Rome Galleries Lounge to most people Ė had a refresh last year, and it is now looking really rather swish. Not that it didnít need it, it must be said, and it has now gone from being a rather tired and scruffy lounge, to looking smart and business like. The refresh has added some Galleries features, as opposed to the old style BA Rome Terraces lounge, but it hasnít had the whole T5 Galleries look imposed throughout, and food has recently had a dramatic downgrade.

British Airways Rome Lounge
Rome British Airways Lounge

The British Airways Lounge at Rome Fiumicino is a big room, reasonably bright and airy, with large windows on one side, tall white pillars, and a glass smoking room at the far end. There are large brown armchairs and sofas around huge coffee tables (the only original furniture left in the lounge from its Executive Club days), and with three small dining tables near the bar and food area.

In general though, the BA Rome Lounge is a haven of peace and quiet, with excellent facilities, unlike the Alitalia lounge opposite, which is always heaving and grim.


The Rome BA Lounge always comes in for some stick Ė mainly because of the food, which to an extent is unfair. Itís OK, but in Italy, the land of excellent food and wine, you would expect it to be first class. It isnít, but it is miles better than anything Alitalia have on offer.

Food is on the big serving area at one end of the lounge, under small plastic covers. There is one with fresh pastries & cakes, another just with biscuits, and a third with ham and cheese Ė you can use these to make a decent sandwich.


The bar in the Rome Fiumicino British Airways Lounge sure is no LHR thatís for sure. Itís all pretty basic.

There are two whites and two reds on the counter top. Sparkling wine is a very sweet Moscato.

Beer is Peroni Nastro Azzuro on tap, or when this is broken and just produces a light fizz, cans of Heineken.

There are a few bottles of spirits behind the bar, with Absolut Vodka, Canadian Club whisky and Gordonís Gin.

Also, donít miss out on the odd bright green apple juice, plus the Liptonís Iced Tea on the soft drinks fountain.


In lounge. Quite nice ones, with stone tile floors.

Business Facilities

Business facilities are basic. There are a couple of older PCs which still work, or there is Wifi, just get the Wifi code from reception, or use the Alitalia wifi from next door for free, but for this you need to enter your mobile and it will text you the number.

There is also a TV, which is always on very loudly in the morning.

BA Rome Lounge
BA Rome Lounge rated: 4 out of 10
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