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Lufthansa Athens Business lounge Sept 2012
Athens Lufthansa Business Lounge
The Athens Lufthansa lounge comes in two flavours: Senator and Frequent Traveler (or Business Class) which is this lounge. It is by far the worst lounge at Athens Airport, by a long way.

The lounge is in the Schengen Area, but right at the very far end of the terminal, just beside the Aegean lounge. It is quite a walk from the central shopping area, and then on the left. At the reception desk left is the Senator lounge, right is the Lufthansa Business Class lounge, which resembles a small box room.

The main issue is that it is small very small and rather resembles a cupboard used for storing furniture, with old cafe style plastic chairs, a sterile grey decor, and a cold tiled floor. Atmospheric it is not. Indeed, staff refer to this lounge as the boxroom. The only redeeming feature is that it has free alcohol, and a lot of it. Not nearly as good booze as the Senator lounge next door of course, but enough so you can cope with the lounge.

Lufthansa's Athens Business Class lounge seats 15 at a pinch with a grand total of 4 arm chairs, and the rest being dining chairs around small tables. There are a couple of photos on the wall, and that's it for ambience.

There is a view out of the windows, but it isn't very interesting it is just of the car park and the main metro train station.


The food is poor, very poor.
Lufthansa Athens Business lounge Sept 2012
Athens Lufthansa Business Lounge

In the trough in the worktop designed for beer bottles - there are sandwiches, with a mixture of ham and cheese. There is also a tub of Lufthansa's famous 'lard and herb' mix.

There are also packets of nuts.


The bar on the Lufthansa Business Class side is better than the food. Then again, that wouldn't be hard.

There are two types of white (in a bucket of ice), and two red, on the worktop. There are tasting notes on a small card beside them. There is no sparkling wine.

There is beer in bottles of all of one type. It's Becks or Becks I'm afraid. Your choice is yes, or no.

The spirit selection is better than you might expect, with 13 bottles including Baileys, and 4 types of Ouzo. Alas the famous Athens whisky trolley is only on the Senator side to get there you can nip through the curtain via the kitchen, if the staff aren't there.


None in lounge: go outside.

Business Facilities

Business facilities on the Business Class side are basic. There are just two work desks, only one of which has a computer: it faces the main lounge so everyone can see what you are working on. Many people swipe the swivel chair by the computer, and you have to go hunting to get it back.

There is free wireless internet access.

There is a small newspaper rack beside the computer, which has a full selection of Greek newspapers, and Die Zeit from Germany. There are no TVs.

Lufthansa Athens Business lounge Sept 2012
Athens Lufthansa Business Lounge


The lounge is before security. You can access the lounge on a Star Alliance flight, even if you are flying out of the Schengen area (eg, to the UK): all you need is a boarding pass to access the lounge, which is in the inter-Schengen zone of the airport, but of course you will then need to leave this area, and go through passport control before your flight.
Lufthansa Athens Business Lounge
►Basic finger food.
►Lard and herb mix
►Sandwiches with ham and cheese
►Free alcohol, free pour
►13 spirits, with 4 types of Ouzo
►Beer: Becks in bottles
►2 red & 2 white wine
►No sparkling wine
Business Facilities:
►One PC, no printer
►Wifi in lounge
Newspaper rack.
Showers & Bathrooms:
None in lounge
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► Swissair Athens Business Lounge
Lufthansa Business Lounge rated: 3 out of 10
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