DUS: Düsseldorf Lufthansa Senator Lounge


Dusseldorf Lufthansa Senator Lounge
Düsseldorf Senator Lounge
The new Lufthansa Senator Lounge in Düsseldorf is a good large lounge, at nearly 700 square meters. The new Lounge features a generous bistro-area, comfortable seating with improved privacy, a quiet room to lay back and relax, free wifi, seperated desks in the work-area, a smoking-room and stylish bathrooms with roomy shower-facilities.

Both the Senator and the Business lounge are on the Schengen side. There are no lounges on the non-Schengen side, however the passport guards are so used to passengers nipping to/from the lounge they will just wave you through.

The lounges are at the top of the spiral staircase in the middle of the terminal. The new Senator lounge is directly on the left at the top of the stairs. The Business lounge is behind the curved desk directly over the "bridge".

This is the brand new design of Lufthansa's Sentator lounge, and a large version at that. It is a delight to use, and far better than it's predecessor over the other side of the "bridge". The only real hassle with it is that there are fairly poor views over the apron, with a corridor between it and outside windows - which are pretty cloudy anyway.

As you go in there is a smoking box on the left, then the eating area - with the best views over the apron - and the bar area on the right which also has a salad bar. There is a TV here (showing DW) and another TV on the other side of the pillar (showing a range of German channels). As you walk in further on the right hand side are the loos (with a great sliding door and very stylish mirrors) plus the shower booths.

Right by the door to this is the one and only flight information screen. Watch these carefully, as all departure information is made very quickly, just once, and only in German. It can make less regular travellers rather nervous.

Down the stairs is a rare Dusseldorf bit of humour - a Lufthansa branded table football game.

Dusseldorf Lufthansa Senator Lounge
Düsseldorf Senator Lounge


Food There is breakfast until 11am, with crossants, rolls, and some amazingly good jam. Plus there are cornflakes, and genuine German gummy bears to sprinkle over them.

At exactly 11am breakfast changes to lunch, with a very good pasta, potato salad, lettuce, tomatos, herb and lard mix (great name!) and ham and cheese crossants.

All day there is fruit and biscuits, and in the evening some nice cake slices.


Drink is ok, with some good wine, with white being Reisling, while red is Cabernet Savignon.

German sparkling wine is available if you ask but there are no signs telling you this.

Being Dusseldorf, the lounge has the local speciality - Hannen Alt beer, served in bottles.

Dusseldorf Lufthansa Senator Lounge
Düsseldorf Senator Lounge


In Lounge.

There are two showers. These are guarded by a matron on a desk, who will also hand out amenity kits.

Business Facilities

There are no computers, however right at the far end of the lounge is a long curved "desk" where you can plug in a laptop.

Newspapers are on the rack in the middle of the lounge, an ok selection. Naturally there are all the German papers, the European FT, plus a full selection of US papers such as USA today and the Herald Tribune. There are never any UK papers or magazines, and if you ask for them you are directed in a bemused fashion towards the US ones.

Lufthansa Düsseldorf Lounge
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