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SAS business lounge Paris CDG
Paris CDG SAS Business Lounge
The new SAS business lounge Paris CDG was opened just a couple of years ago, and it is a vast improvement on the lounge that went before. It has the delight of such novelties as windows, computers and a bar: while these might be thought of as standard in any lounge, as passengers who regularly visited the old lounge found, they were not.

The new lounge is situated in the departure area in Satellite 7, just opposite to the boarding gates: it is after security which saves a lot of time, but alas the design of the building makes it quite small.

The SAS business lounge Paris CDG is a classic SAS Business Lounge with Ikea style furniture, light pine stripped floors, and an airy atmosphere. Alas it is stuck on the same floor as the gates and this means it is separated from the hoy-paloy by odd half height walls painted with a curtain pattern: it isn't very private.


The food in the SAS business lounge Paris CDG is very basic. There is a small selection of snacks, with small pastries (including Danish in the morning) butter and jam.

There are also nuts and small packets of cheese.


The SAS business lounge Paris CDG has a small bar, with bottles of beer, two bottles of wine (white and red) and three bottles of spirits.


No showers, toilets located outside lounge.

Business Facilities

There is a good selection of Scandinavian and French newspapers and magazines.

Two Internet computers available, as well as free wifi Wireless Internet access through Telia HomeRun.


At Paris CDG you have the 'luxury' of no less than five possible Star Alliance Lounges in Terminal 1.

There is the main Star Alliance lounge itself in the centre of Terminal 1, which has both a business section, and a First Class section. This has taken the place of the United Airlines Paris CDG Unitedclub.

There is Lufthansa lounge, which is split into a Senator Lounge, and Frequent Traveler Lounge.

And then there is this, the SAS Lounge.

SAS Paris CDG Lounge
SAS Lounge rated: 5 out of 10
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