CDG: Paris Air France Lounge CDG 2F Gate F41-F56


Air France Lounge CDG 2F
Paris CDG Air France Lounge CDG 2F
There are two Air France lounges on the Schengen side of Paris CDG Terminal 2 (Side 2F). Both of them are at the end of the two long jutting peninsular – you can freely walk between the two, but it takes you about 20 minutes to do so, as there is little point, as they are both identical.

The Air France Paris CDG F41 Lounge has the most impressive entrance, down a long slope which passes by a series of bars on the lower floor: these look far more impressive than the entrance to the lounge, which is right at the end of the corridor at what appear to be fire doors on the left.

There is an entrance desk here which is always very busy: spot too the large sign which notes that photography in the lounge is strictly forbidden: if you are carrying a camera the lounge staff will also firmly remind you not to take photos as 'details of the lounge are commercially confidential'. Which makes it all the more odd that the lounge itself is a bit of a dump.

The Air France Paris CDG Salon L'Espace Affaires F gate 41 lounge Schengen – to give it the correct full title – is a long thin L shaped corridor, with high room dividers, and a great view of the nose wheel of your plane. There are floor to ceiling windows, but the view is nothing to write home about.

Air France Paris Lounge CDG Gate F41-F56
Air France Paris Lounge CDG 2F Gate F41-F56

As you enter the Air France Lounge CDG 2F on your left is a small dentist-waiting room area with newspapers on the right. Then further along on the right is a refectory type bar. At the point of the L – just where the view is great – there are high room dividers, and comfortable squashy leather chairs: This is actually not a bad part of the lounge, and there are plenty of power points for your computer or tablet too. Turn left, and there is a refectory food and bar area again on the right, while at the end of the corridor is a larger dining area, with more stiff upright chairs on a white tiled floor: hygienic if not particularly comfortable.

At the far end of the Air France Business Class Lounge 2F is the famous 'First Class waiting area', which is hilarious. Separated by a rope is another table for two people, marked 'réservé' and loaded with… two bottles of water. It is designed for the elite of the elite; who sit here in all their glory, on exactly the same table as everyone else.

Toilets and showers are in yet another corridor at the far end of this area.

The whole area is generally however packed to the gills, with very few spare seats: This lounge is the main lounge for inter-Europe Schengen flights, and as such is always very busy early in the morning and late in the evening when people are making their way to and from the European capitals. And woe betide you if you head here in the first week of July, when the whole of Paris heads out of the capital for their summer holidays.

Air France Lounge CDG 2F
Paris CDG Air France Lounge CDG 2F


Food in the Air France Lounge CDG is OK, but really not the best. For a decent eat you need to go outside the lounge to one of the cafes next door.

At the first food refectory there are cake and croissants, banana bread and fruit in a bowl, while in the second one there are packets of nuts and biscuits.

During the afternoon the evening a quaint trolley is pushed around, with a selection of sandwiches and petite fours, but there is no hot food.


The bar in the Paris CDG Air France F41 lounge isn't too bad, particularly if you are a spirit drinker. There are bottles of Martini, Ricardo, Vertical Vodka, Wild Turkey, Jameson's, VSOP, Sapphire Gin, and two ports.

Wine is equally good, with good French white and reds on the counter top, and even a sparkling wine.

The fridges are particularly well stocked with juices, soft drinks and water.

Business Facilities

There is good strong free wifi in the Air France Paris Business Class lounge F41.
Air France Paris Lounge CDG Gate F41-F56
Air France Paris Lounge CDG 2F Gate F41-F56

There is also a workstation with a desktop computer. Sadly, it's still running windows XP, and worse it's also right in the middle of the most public area, at the end of one of the long thin room dividers. Add in the French keyboard, and you may be better bringing your own.

There is a good selection of newspapers and magazines in the lounge; although of course almost all are French, as you would expect in a lounge where most of the passengers are also French and all are travelling inter-Schengen.


In lounge, at the far end of the L.


Air France lounge daypasses are not sold, nor is there a Paris CDG Terminal 2F pay-in lounge.

Accordingly you need to be in La Première or a Business Class of Air France, and for Flying Blue Elite Plus or at Skyteam Elite Plus level.

Occasionally passengers report success buying a Delta Sky Club 30 day membership and showing the card to the Air France lounge desk, but access using this method seems random, and you also need the actual card, which is only available in a real Delta Sky Club.

Video of the Paris Air France Lounge CDG 2F Lounge
Paris Air France Lounge CDG 2F
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