CDG: Paris Air France Lounge CDG 2F Gate F21-36


Air France Lounge CDG 2F
Paris CDG Air France Lounge CDG 2F
This is the second of the Business Class lounges on the Schengen side for Air France Lounge CDG 2F Terminal 2 (Side 2F) beside gates F21-36. Like it's cousin at Gate F41, it is at the end of the two long jutting peninsular with gates, however this one always feels just a little bit more enclosed and – if that were possible – also a bit busier.

The Air France Paris CDG F F21-36 Lounge is approached down an escalator; unlike the F41 lounge there are no café's here; instead it is just a basement 'trench', through what appear to be fire doors and past the assorted junk left around the airport.

Like both of the Air France Lounge CDG 2F, There is a small entrance desk which also doubles up as the rebooking ticket desk – you can be held up for some time if the person in front of you needs to change their ticket and there is only one person on the desk. It pays to be patient though, as woe betide you if you just wave your ticket: the desk police immediately pounce and give your boarding pass a through going over.

The Air France Paris CDG Salon L'Espace Affaires F gate 21 lounge Schengen – to give it the correct full title – is a basement corridor separated by mid-height room dividers with leather benches, small cheap coffee tables and rather hard upright chairs.

Air France Paris Lounge CDG Gate F21-36
Air France Paris Lounge CDG 2F Gate F21-36

There is a view from floor to ceiling windows, but being in the basement there is little to see other than the general machinery of the airport.

There are two main waiting areas in the lounge: the first one is as you enter and on the left. The second one is right at the far end of the L shaped lounge, and very similar with hard upright chairs. Although the one at the far end has the famous, hilarious, 'First Class waiting area', which is separated by a rope with just a table for two people, marked 'réservé' and loaded with… two bottles of water.

Throughout most of the lounge there are high room dividers with comfortable squashy leather chairs; between them there are lots of power sockets for recharging computers or tablets. However these sockets only take Euro type round pin plugs – as you would expect in a Schengen lounge.

The Air France Business Class Schengen lounge is normally packed; it can be hard to find a seat at busy times in the morning and late afternoon when more passengers seem to be on flights to the European capitals. Forget trying to even get in during the first week of July, when the whole of Paris heads out of the capital for their summer holidays.

Air France Lounge CDG 2F
Paris CDG Air France Lounge CDG 2F


Both of the Air France Lounge CDG 2F have some food, but really not anything very substantial. There are however some excellent cafés upstairs, but that rather defeats the object of a lounge.

There are two feeding stations in the lounge – or food refectories as Air France prefer to call them. They have cake and croissants, banana bread and fruit in a bowl, and packets of nuts and biscuits.

Early evening there is an at-seat service sometimes, with a trolley loaded with petite fours and sandwiches, but there is no hot food at all – not even soup.


If you want a quick nip in the Air France Lounge CDG 2F you'll be in luck. There are bottles of Martini, Ricardo, Vertical Vodka, Wild Turkey, Jameson's, VSOP, Sapphire Gin, and two ports.

Wine is equally good, with good French white and reds on the counter top, and even a sparkling wine.

The fridges are particularly well stocked with juices, soft drinks and water.

Business Facilities

There is free wifi in the Air France Paris Business Class lounge F21. However there are no workstations or desktop computers, probably on the grounds that everyone now brings their own.
Air France Paris Lounge CDG Gate F21-36
Air France Paris Lounge CDG 2F Gate F21-36

There is a small newspaper rack with all the daily French newspapers and some magazines in the lounge; although anything decent can be hard to come by, unless you want to read the Air France inflight magazine again.


There are bathroom in the lounge, in a corridor at the far end of the seating area.


Access to the Air France Lounge CDG 2F is only given to passengers in La Première or a Business Class of Air France, and for Flying Blue Elite Plus or at Skyteam Elite Plus level.
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Paris Air France Lounge CDG 2F
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