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Copenhagen Servisair Lounge
Copenhagen Servisair Executive Lounge
The Copenhagen Servisair Lounge is a dull, functional lounge that looks as if it was designed by committee twenty years ago. While the Copenhagen Airport itself is modern and cool, the Servisair Copenhagen Lounge is definately not.

It is at least a relatively spacious lounge with a seating capacity of 120.

There is plenty of bold colour - if you like orange - and a wood parquet floor, in the style of 1960s dance halls. Chairs are worn out plastic creations, but there are large open areas of the lounge designed for 'standing'. I kid you not.

Don't miss the 'powernap' area at the back of the Servisair Copenhagen Lounge.


The Copenhagen Servisair Lounge used to have great make-it-yourself sandwiches. Alas, these were enhanced some years ago, and now you have to pay for the sandwiches - all of 40DKK. This was advertised at the time as an improvement.

To encourage people to pay up, there are few other bits of food left out: just some nuts, and a few basic biscuits.


Beer in the Servisair Copenhagen Lounge is basic: Carlsberg in cans.

As for wine - hmmm... The Copenhagen Servisair Lounge really does tacky when it comes to the wine: it comes in a strange dispenser, where you pull the handle, and out pours a thin trickle of red or white. There is a small printed card to tell you what the non-descript wine is.

There is however a decent Bloody Mary juice in the fridge, and a few decent spirits.


Toilets are in the lounge area, but there are no showers.

Business Facilities

No wifi, no computers, no nothing.
Servisair Copenhagen Lounge
Independent Servisair Lounge rated: 2 out of 10
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