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SAS Lounge Copenhagen 2003
Copenhagen SAS Business Lounge
The SAS Business Class Lounge at Copenhagen is a vast cathedral like Ikea style experience. Perhaps because of this it seems a bit impersonal, but there is no faulting the Scandinavian design, with white walls, stripped pine floors, and lots of subtle design.
Copenhagen SAS Lounge 2003
Copenhagen SAS Business Lounge

Firstly though make sure you want the Copenhagen SAS Business Lounge. If you are a Star Alliance Gold member you can use the SAS Scandinavian Lounge, which is Located on top of the SAS Business Class Lounge. Food and drinks are better upstairs - although it is a lot smaller.

The lounge entrance is located on the concourse of the D pier, and directly opposite where the main C pier branches off: conviently, it is also directly opposite where passport control for non-Schengen destinations is located: you can stay in the lounge, and wait until the passport queue has gone down. The SAS lounges are on the Schengen side of security, which means accessing them on two non-Schengen flights means going through passport control twice (and security, into Schengen, once). Then again, most of the shopping is on this side too.

Copenhagen SAS Business Class Lounge 2012
Copenhagen SAS Business Lounge

As you go in, on the right hand side there are lots of chairs with reading lights and small tables with power points for laptops. In the far corner there is a real log fire: it is pretty pointless as it is behind glass, so you can't warm yourself up against it, but it is pretty to look at. On the left as you go in is a huge TV, normally stuck on BBC World, with chairs arranged in a semi-circle around the TV. Radio headphones are on the rack to the left of the TV.

The small smoking room has been axed, but if you double back into the glass walled room beside the entrance there is now a lot more seating: few people sit here, so it generally a lot quieter im this area, if you can put up with everyone outside looking at you in the lounge. Alas this is the only place in the Business Class lounge where you can see the runway, and that's at some distance: the view from the Scandinavian Lounge is much better.

Through the archway are the computers. Further through the archway is a very pleasant area with several loungy type chairs and a small library with books on Scandinavian design. Here there are also conference rooms, for up to 14 participants. The best bit about the lounge through the archway is that you can see daylight, and lots of it: this is by far the brightest and most welcoming part of the lounge.

SAS Business Lounge Copenhagen
Copenhagen SAS Business Lounge


Food and drinks are on the left of the archway, however the selection is somewhat poor, although it has improved of late.

At breakfast time there are just a few pastries in the morning, along with rolls, jam and butter, plus cheese and ham.

There is then a lull, followed by cream cheese and vegetable dips, along with some miniature pork sausages.

In the evening things improve, with a hot dish of chicken or pork, some pasta, and an OK salad.


Drinks are not that great in SAS Business Class lounges; it all has a slightly tacky down at heel Ikea canteen feel.

Beer is Tubourg and Carlsberg on draft, on the two beer pumps at the end of the worktop.

Oddly, white and red wine is on draft too, with the two types of wine on paper printouts below the handle.

There are now, thankfully, also bottles of other types of wine on a plastic tray next to the pumps with two whites and two reds (generally, a cheap French and a German).

And thats it; there are no other bottles and no spirits.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen 2003
Copenhagen SAS Business Lounge


There are bathrooms and showers in the main central 'pod': they are faily basic, and only minimal toiletries are provided.

Be warned - the loos in the Scandinavian lounges have loud music with an elaborate mix of 'classic and contemporary' tunes. Hmmm.

Business Facilities

SAS Lounge Copenhagen 2003
Copenhagen SAS Business Lounge
There are free internet computers - but they are placed in a dreadful location, under an archway which everyone walks through. At these workstations there are fixed-line telephones, which can be reached directly from outside and can be used for free calls within Denmark.

The Computers are iMacs, and run in both PC and Apple most. There is also a photocopier, lazer printer, and fax.

There is free wifi in the lounge - the password is at reception.

SAS Lounge Copenhagen 2003
Copenhagen SAS Business Lounge

Newspapers are very good, with a wide selection of UK titles in most lounges, including the FT, Guardian and Telegraph, in the large rack of pigeon holes next to the fireplace. You have to go upstairs to the Scandinavian lounges if you want a Daily Mail.

The Magazine selection is always very good, with copies of the main Scandinavian style bibles, like Wallpaper, Cosmo and Elle.

Video of the SAS Copenhagen Business Lounge
SAS Copenhagen Business Lounge
►Basic finger food.
►Good salad bar with ham and cheese
►Biscuits, cheese, nuts
►Two hot dishes in the evening.
►Free alcohol, free pour
►Beer: Tuborg, Carlsberg
►1 red & 1 white wine on draft
Business Facilities:
►Several fast iMacs, printer
►Free Wifi in lounge
TV in lounge. Newspaper rack.
Showers & Bathrooms:
Bathroom in lounge, OK showers
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SAS Copenhagen Lounge rated: 7 out of 10
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