CPH: Copenhagen Independent Novia Lounge


NEWS: The Copenhagen Novia Lounge has opened a new, separate lounge called the CPH Apartment Lounge. It is more expensive, at DKK 169, but less crowded.

Novia lounge Copenhagen Airport
Copenhagen Independent Novia Lounge
The Independent Novia Lounge at Copenhagen Airport is the generic all comers lounge. Most airlines other than Star Alliance ones use it as their lounge, and as a result it can get packed.

The Novia lounge Copenhagen Airport has a nice appron view, and is rather like the SAS lounge with lots of stripped pine: on the floor, and with the chairs.

Alas, the opening of the new CPH Apartment Lounge means that amenities in the 'all comers bucket and spade lounge' have been reduced, and it is chock-a-block with family groups fighting for space.


Forget decent food, the Copenhagen Novia Lounge only has basic snacks. There are nuts, fruit, small packets of cheese, and biscuits.


There is a very basic bar, with cans of Heiniken, one type of wine, and basic generic spirits.


In Lounge.
Novia lounge Copenhagen Airport
Copenhagen Independent Novia Lounge

Business Facilities

There is Free Wifi, but no computers.


The Novia Lounge at Copenhagen Airport has taken over from the old Copehagen British Airways Lounge as the lounge for oneworld and BA passengers in Club or with Status, and the BA Lounge Copehagen has closed, to be rebuilt as the CPH Apartment Lounge.
Independent Novia Copenhagen Lounge
Independent Novia Lounge rated: 6 out of 10
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