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Airport Code: LCA
Elevation: 8 ft (2 m)
Runways: 1
Latitude: 34.875117
Longitude: 33.624850
Timezone: UTC+2 (DST+3)
Rating for Larnaca
5 out of 10
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Larnaca Airport Guide

Larnaca Airport Sept 2012
Larnaca Airport
Larnaca Airport is a small airport on the tourist island of Cyprus (but the largest airport on the island). It is located 6 km (4 miles) to the south-west of Larnaca town, however the distance is greater by road thanks to the intervening salt flats.

The airport terminal is brand new, and a sparkling example of what happens if you throw the EU's money at a project that is perhaps far larger than the island can justify. The terminal is actually not a bad place to spend an hour or two waiting for a flight. There are quite a few shops, an OK restaurant, and a small bar. There is also a small cafe outside in the car park if the air-con in the building gets too much.

Larnaca Airport Sept 2012
Larnaca Airport

Larnaca Airport is quite tiny, but it is bigger than Paphos Airport on the southwest coast, which is mainly a summer charter destination.

The airport terminal has two long aisles of checking desks: the left (for charter flights) and the right (for Aegean and other scheduled airlines). Ticket desks are in the middle. It utilises a single large apron for all passenger aircraft. There are 16 jetways (boarding bridges), connecting the main terminal with aircraft, however many airline like Aegean use shuttle buses to remote stands: they are cheaper, and means the airport can cope with peaks of demand in the summer.

Larnaca Airport Sept 2012
Larnaca Airport

The new Larnaca airport terminal is vastly better than the decrepit old terminal which closed in 2010. This terminal was built in a hurry after Turkey invaded, shelling and overrunning the existing airport in Nicosia which was fully of British holiday makers trying to escape the invading army. As a result the old terminal got the nickname of 'Grrrr Larnaca'.

Incidentally, if you land from the east at Larnaca airport, sit on the right to see the shadow of the wreck of the Zenobia, a ro-ro ferry that sunk in 1980 on her maiden voyage, fully loaded with lorries.

First & Business Class lounges at Larnaca Airport

Larnaca Airport Terminal Map
Larnaca Airport Terminal Map

Larnaca Airport transportation

Virtually all tourists arriving at Larnaca airport are on package tours, which includes transport. Therefore, therefore public transport is designed around locals and ex-pats, rather than tourists.

If you want to get from Larnaca Airport to Agia Napa (a British enclave and the premier nightlife location of Cyprus) the only real option is a taxi. The Airport to Ayia Napa taxi ride takes about 45 minutes and costs 55 if the driver uses the meter. You can, if you are really determined, take a bus. Either take any of the busses (440 or 418 are fastest) towards Dimitras- Main Station, and then Bus Route 711 towards Archbishop Makarios (Agia Napa) Bus Stop. It will take about three hours. A more leisurely route is to take one bus from the airport to Larnaca Promenade (Phinikoudes), and then wait for the hourly tourist bus to Agia Napa. Beware that the last one is at 1930.

Larnaca Airport shuttle bus services

You have to be quite determined to take a bus, rather than a taxi, from the airport, but it can be done. The bus stop is on the lower level, at the far end of the terminal. There are signs as soon as you leave the baggage claim areas which guide you to the bus stop.

Domestic Buses from Larnaca Airport are run by CyprusBus to the city (to Dimitras Main Station the main bus station) and include routes 440 (direct to the city), 407 (into the city, and all the way to the south), 409, 448. 419 and 431.

Kapnos Airport Shuttle also operates a coach service to Larnaca airport from Nicosia, from where you can walk through the UN checkpoints and the green line to Northern half of the island, if you are determined.

Larnaca Airport taxi services

Larnaca Airport Taxi rank Sept 2012
Larnaca Airport the taxi rank outside arrivals
There is a taxi stand right outside the airport arrival hall, with a long line of (sometimes decrepit) Mercedes. Take the first one in the queue and don't be tempted by touts who will accost you and say 'here, here' and take you to the car park on the right, where unauthorised taxis park.

Getting a taxi to Larnaca Airport from the town is usually trouble free, except in the early morning when many flights leave for the UK. At these times you may need to book ahead. At other times just walk down to the Larnaca Promenade (Phinikoudes): taxis tend to wait around McDonalds.

Taxis should use the meter, but many drivers point blank refuse. If you insist they will often put the taxi meter onto the night rate. Metered fares are 65 cents a km, plus a 22cent surcharge after midnight.

A taxi from/to the town should therefore cost no more than 10 euro.

Car Hire at Larnaca Airport

Major car hire operators are located in the Arrivals Halls. To save time and ensure you get the car you want, book your rental in advance. Rental car operators from Larnaca Airport include: Europcar, Thrifty, Avis and Budget.

Beware of an usual Cyprus convention. Petrol is paid for in advance when you hire a care, and you should return the tank empty. It is rare to get a refund for any Petrol left in the tank.

Larnaca Airport Left Luggage

Larnaca airport luggage storage is non-existent. There is absolutely no left luggage or baggage storage facility at the airport.

Larnaca Airport Arrivals

Oddly, finding an ATM at Larnaca Airport arrivals is a problem. There is a small staffed bank on the arrivals level behind the frosted glass door. Other than that you have to go up to departures, where there is an ATM by the ticket desk in the middle of the second hall.

Larnaca Airport Bars and Restaurants

Landside, there is one cafe in the car park, and one large food hall on the righthand side checkin area, at the far end.

Airside, there is just a small restaurant and a small bar.

Larnaca Airport Atrium Restuarant

Atrium Restuarant

Open: 1100-2100 Airside, past duty free
This is quite a pleasant swish restaurant, as restaurants in shopping centres / airports go. It is airside, after passport and security checks, and right in the middle of the airport terminal. Alas, that means there is no real view outside.

Food is quite good, with a mix of Cypriot and western (mainly Italian dishes) however, it is a tad on the pricey side.

One highspot is The Atrium does a very nice bowl of salad you can pick yourself for 6euro95. If you are in the business class lounges and fed up with the food, you can even take it upstairs, or onto a plane.

Larnaca Airport Central Bar

Central Bar

Open: 0900-2300 Airside
If you want a pint at Larnaca airport, drinking facilities are limited to this tiny bar. There are all of 8 seats at the bar otherwise you are stuck on the tables in the middle of the terminal, which are hygienic, if not specially comfortable.

Fosters and Heineken is on draft, and there is KEO in bottles. This is a Cypriot beer: a light easy-drinking lager with a huge thick head.

The bar also does Cypriot wine and snacks such as Olives.

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