LCA: Larnaca Cyprus Airways Business Class Lounge


Cyprus Airways lounge Larnaca Sept 2012
Larnaca Cyprus Airways Business Class Lounge
By far the largest of the two airport lounges at Larnaca, the large brand new Cyprus Airways Executive Lounge is a very good lounge, with the wonderful addition of an open air deck where you can sit, drink beer, and watch the planes.

The Cyprus Airways lounge Larnaca is actually operated by Swissport, and acts as the pay-per-visit lounge for Larnaca airport. At 33 euro it is on the pricey side, but well worth it to escape the scrum of the airport in the mid-charter flight madness of August.

The Larnaca Cyprus Airways lounge is also used by most of the airlines at Larnaca that don't use the tiny Aegean Airlines lounge next door: everyone from British Airways to Emirates come in here, and that can turn even the largest lounge into mayhem, particularly between 1 and 4pm before the BA 663 leaves for Heathrow. This can have up to 20 rows of club, and coincides with Thompson and Thomas Cook flights. The bar can run dry in minutes when this lot descends.

The lounge is hidden away down a corridor to the left of duty free, past Burger King (when the charter flights leave the queue can trail over the entrance to the lounge) and up in the lift to the second floor. Then along the corridor a short distance, before the sign that says 'Luxury Lounge'.

Cyprus Airways lounge Larnaca Sept 2012
Larnaca Cyprus Airways Business Class Lounge

The lounge looks good – although calling it ‘Luxury' is pushing it a bit. It is new and trendy, with lots of white furniture and stripped pine. The huge long white sofa along the far wall is worthy of note. There is even a large fishtank, and there is also a small children's corner with games and cuddly square stools.

The biggest perk of the lounge is open air deck. Few people know it is there: just take the door at the end of the lounge, and you'll get all the atmosphere of the airport, including the smell of Jet A1.


Food is OK, particularly the wraps, which are ham, cheese and spinach, and then sliced up like a swiss roll.

There is a small salad bar, but if you want a better salad, the Atrium bar downstairs sells a good one for 7 euro.

Hot food is basic, with just nuggets, meatballs and spring rolls.

Cyprus Airways lounge Larnaca Sept 2012
Larnaca Cyprus Airways Business Class Lounge


Beer is Keo or Heiniken, in cans. Wine is Cypriot, and not very good local wine at that. There are two reds and a port to the left of the main worktop, and a white in the fridge to the left of that.

The spirit selection is worth of note, with a fine selection of whisky, including J&B, red and black label, and Glenfidditch. Gin is Gordons, Vodka is Smirnoff.


In lounge


The Swissport lounge Larnaca takes all comers - but you need a lounge invite if you aren't on Cyprus Airways. Alternatively you can pay 33euro on the door.
Cyprus Airways Lounge Larnaca
►Basic finger food.
►Good salad bar with ham and cheese
►Biscuits, cheese, nuts
►Sandwiches in the evening.
►Two hot dishes
►Free alcohol, free pour
►Beer: Heiniken, Keo
►3 red & 2 white wine
►No Champagne, but sparkling wine
TV in lounge. Newspaper rack.
Showers & Bathrooms:
Bathroom in lounge, no showers
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► Priority Pass
Cyprus Airways Lounge rated: 6 out of 10
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