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Thai Airways Bangkok Lounge Concourse E East
Bangkok Thai Airways Lounge Concourse E East
Of all the lounges to visit in Bangkok, the Concourse E East lounge has to be the worst. It has space for 168 passengers - but in the late evening many more try and cram in. In the late evenings it can get packed. There are showers, but no sleeping rooms. This lounge is however the special lounge for Vegetarian passengers.

There is Wi-fi, toilets and showers.

The main reason so many people make for this lounge is that it does a lot of Vegetarian food in the evening: indeed, for the late night buffet bar, one area is specifically marked out as the Veggie corner. There are also plenty of rice and noodle dishes: much better than in most of the other Thai lounges.

The central part of the lounge had racks and racks of leather armchairs, now worn smooth thanks to there being so much traffic in the lounge: there are a few purple cloth armchairs near the entrance.

This lounge is also the only one to close during the day: at these times you have to pop into the lounge 'over the road'.


There is a long low counter in the middle of the lounge, marked 'Vegetarian Corner'. And indeed, this is mainstay of the lounge. It always has many passengers coming in here to try out the veggie food: from vegetarian samosas, to veggie pies. They are all here.

Of course, there is some mainstream food too. There are cauldrons with noodles, rice, and curry.

Packets of sandwiches are on the shelf.

There is a salad bar of course: this one is pretty decent: there is also ham and cheese.


The bar consists mainly of a fridge with cans of Carlsberg, Chang and Singa beer. Alas, wine here rarely makes an appearance.

There is also a rack of spirits on the shelf, with Chivas Regal, Drambuie, Martini (x3).


This lounge has showers, often with quite an extensive queue to access them. They are up the corridor to the left of reception: ask the cleaners for the next available shower: they will also provide towels.

Business Facilities

The computers are OK here, but there are only four of them, and they are quite slow.

There is free fast wifi in the lounge.

This lounge is poor for newspapers, with only a few international papers here; mainly German.

Thai Airways E-East Lounge Bangkok
►Good selection of Veggie food.
►Good salad bar with ham and cheese
►Biscuits, cheese, nuts
►Free alcohol, free pour
►Beer: Heiniken, Carlsberg
►No wine
►No Champagne,
Business Facilities:
►Three fast PCs, printer
►Wifi in lounge
TV in lounge. Newspaper rack.
Showers & Bathrooms:
Showers and Bathroom in lounge
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Thai Airways Lounge E-East rated: 5 out of 10
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