BKK: Bangkok Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge At Concourse D


Thai Airways Bangkok Business Class lounge Concourse D Piano Bar July 2010
Bangkok Concourse D Lounge Thai Airways New Business Class lounge piano bar
NEWS: Star Alliance Gold members are now banned from the main D concourse lounge: instead Star Golds are shuffled into the C and E lounges.

The Bangkok Thai Airways Royal Silk (Main Business Class) Lounge at Concourse D is the main, central, business class lounge at Bangkok. It is large - with a 2,410 square metres and it seats 291 people.

Once you've checked in at the dedicated business desk - or even in the small First enclave to the left of this - at Bangkok's new Suvarnabhumi International Airport, you'll go through passport checks, and then the security checks (a new revelation at BKK: previously all the checks were at the gates, but these were moved in 2009 except for flights to the US, Australia, and the UK) and then down a long escalator. At the bottom you are already in the lounge, with the desk ahead of you, the piano bar to the right, and the main lounge to the left.

Thai Airways Bangkok Business Class Royal Silk lounge Nov 2007
Thai Airways Lounge Bangkok Concourse D
Carry on down - past the halfway landing where the shops are - and you'll be greeted at the desk to have your ticket checked, and welcomed to what must rank as the longest business class lounge. The huge flagship-lounge is like a corridor - with banks of seats on either side. Alas it's all rather gloomy, with no windows looking out onto the runway, and all decked out in a purple and blue colour scheme.


There are several food areas, the main one on the left about half way down. It's on a raised area, and is pretty much continually topped up by the staff who hover around you. There are some big silver toureens with noodles (chicken, beef, or fish: it's good to see Thai stick to the airline clichés).
Thai Airways Bangkok Business Class Royal Silk lounge Nov 2007
Thai Airways Lounge Bangkok Concourse D

There are several bars throughout the lounge, but not as many as there used to be. Indeed, the main cocktail bar for most passengers is on the small tray, opposite the main food area, where there is a rack of 17 bottles of spirits. And oh, what a selection, it includes Chivas Regal, Drambuie, Martini (x3), and a whole host of other specials that rarely make it into an airport lounge. There are also two cans of coke, Schweppes tonic, and Schweppes Soda. In what must rank as one of the most stupidly labour intensive jobs at the airport, if you take a can, one of the waitresses goes into the kitchen and replaces it on the tray. Madness. At two other points in the lounge there is a fridge with beer – Carlsberg, Chang and Singa - although these are rather poorly stocked.


There once used to be a lounge Lobby Bar with piano, and a walk-up cocktail bar. No longer: the bar is still there, but it hasn’t been open for years. However, this is by far the nicest area of the lounge to sit in, as it is far more open, light, and airy than the other parts of the lounge. It is a shame this bar closed, but it was shut as part of major cutbacks at Bangkok by Thai that also saw another bar in the same lounge, and the further food area closed.
Thai Airways Bangkok Business Class Royal Silk lounge Nov 2007
Thai Airways Lounge Bangkok Concourse D

The lounge also abandoned 24 hour opening at the same time, but in the usual spirit of Thailand of trying to sell you something at every opportunity, Thai did open a small duty free shop which is opposite the main food area, and beside the small children’s room, called the Kids Corner (there's not really a lot in here, but a few toys).

Business Facilities

In a small room off the far end of the lounge there is an Internet Room with 13 brand new fast PCs. Free wifi is available throughout the lounge. There are TV on several walls (normally showing CNN), and departure boards. Further back in the lounge there is a sleeping corner, with slumber seats.
Thai Airways Bangkok Business Class lounge Concourse D July 2010
Thai Airways Lounge Bangkok Concourse D

If you’re really going to try and get your money’s worth out of this lounge, there are also the newspaper racks, beside the main corridor, with a very Spartan collection of papers, but there are usually a few international papers here, mainly of the US variety (despite the lack of flights to the US). Curiously, there are no UK papers (despite the regular flights to the UK). Magazines are much harder to come by – you may have to nip around the corner to the Singapore Airlines lounge for that.


In lounge, showers at the far end. The shower Rooms which are actually quite swish.
Thai Airways Bangkok Lounge D
►Hot food: curry with rice, chicken or beef.
►Biscuits, cheese, nuts
►Sandwiches in the evening.
►Free alcohol, free pour
►Beer: Chang, Singa, Carlsberg
►1 red & 1 white wine
►No Champagne
Business Facilities:
►13 fast PCs, printer
TV in lounge. Newspaper rack.
Showers & Bathrooms:
Bathroom and Showers in lounge
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