CMB: Colombo Sri Lankan Airlines Serendib Lounge

The SriLankan Airlines Premium Lounge at its main – not to say only – hub of Colombo is called the Serendip Lounge. It is used for all its business class customers, and upper tier Gold and Silver members of its Fly Smiles frequent flyer card are also allowed in here when it is quiet, or when busy in the Palm Spirit lounge next door.
Colombo Sri Lankan Airlines Serendip Business Class Lounge
Colombo Serendib Lounge

The Colombo Serendip Business Class Lounge is located in the corner of the right angle, that is the L shape of Colombo Airport's terminal map, just opposite what is rather optimistically called the Duty Free shopping Mall. It is behind the heavy mahogany door, where there is a reception desk, and staff who will greet you with a traditional “Ayubowan” greeting.

Once you are inside, you'll be struck by just how much it looks like an older style Emirates lounge – because that is exactly what it is. Before Sri Lankan Airlines was re-nationalised, and when it was still in a partnership with Emirates, they built the lounge in 2005. It has the typical old-style Emirates round leather armchairs, and even the Emirates style round fridge with salads. It seats 150 people, and has 4 designated quite areas with recliner-chars.

At the far end there are floor to ceiling glass windows, with a rack of chairs neatly lined up so you can watch the planes. Further in, there are several more seating areas, all with remarkably uncomfortable beige leather armchairs. What is slightly unexpected are the large images plastered to the wall of colourful umbrellas on white sandy beaches surrounded by coconut trees and sun-beds. At the far end there are some dining tables, next to the island food area, with the bar in the far corner.


The food in the lounge is rather good: there is a large circular fridge, with dozens of plated up salads, all covered in cling film. However beware that many people in the tropics – and especially in Sri Lanka – are wary of raw greens. Better are the dishes of hot food, which are at the far end, with touines of curry, chicken and rice.At breakfast time there are plenty off croissants, butter and jam in pats, jars of cereal, and four tall columns of juice.
Colombo Sri Lankan Airlines Serendip Business Class Lounge
Colombo Serendib Lounge


The bar in the Sri Lankan Airlines Colombo Serendip Lounge is worthy of note: it really is rather good. There is one drink of choice here, and it is one you may not expect in a premium lounge. It is a Pina Colada. I kid you not. Needless to say there are plenty of other spirits in bottle, free pour. Alas, the only wine is Indian, and it is an acquired taste, to put it mildly. There is no champagne.

Business Facilities

There are two rather slow internet computers in the business centre, which is behind the curved wall, and a magazine rack by the window, although this is rather poor. There are also two TVs on tall poles infront of the centre, and rather novel wireless headsets for the half dozen seats in front of it.


Showers and toilets are in the lounge. One other curiosity is the Sri Lankan Airlines massage service in a corner of the lounge, half-curtained off from the rest of the lounge. It is complementary if you are in business class.
Sri Lankan Colombo
Sri Lankan Lounge rated: 4 out of 10
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