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Singapore Thai Airways Lounge July 2012
Singapore Thai Airways Lounge - Terminal 1 - Business Class Section
The Thai Airways Business Class Lounge at Singapore Airport Terminal 1 underwent a massive revamp last year, and gained everything from new sofas to an Italian coffee maker, authentic Thai food, upmarket ice cream, and an expanded bar. Thankfully Ė the old one was pretty dreadful and was just a square box.

Also known as the Royal Silk Lounge Singapore (Royal Silk being what Thai Airways call their lounges) it is a land of brown. The colour scheme in theory is the new choice of Thai, but the lack of windows in the lounge means it just seems dull, dark, and daggy. A fun place to be it is not.

Firstly, however, you have to gain access: the most pretty part of the lounge is at the sliding glass doors which open onto an impressive stone desk, decorated with lillys, orchids, and a Star Alliance logo. However if you are a Star Alliance Gold member the staff try very hard to turn you away, and encourage you to use the Krisflyer Star Gold lounge in Terminal 2 (which actually is much larger with much better food). Be assured you are allowed in.

Thai Airways Singapore Lounge July 2012
Singapore Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge

The lounge remains in effect a small rectangular box, however it has gained a curvy wall up the middle with dangly metal bars, and four racks of seats, and a much better seating area up at the far end, where there are alcoves with four very comfortable armchairs around coffee tables: if you want to sleep, this is the area of the lounge to head to. It is however very similar to the SATS Premier lounge, with no real windows or views of the runway. The seating is good, but already the sofas (on the other side of the glass partition) are starting to get a bit worn.

Up at the far end is the computer room, and behind the curved wall by reception is a luggage storage area.


When the lounge opened, Thai promised special Thai delicacies. Alas, this really just means sandwiches, tightly wrapped in cling film. They arenít bad though Ė particularly the mini croissants at breakfast time.

Alas, of hot food, there is none other than the usual Asian pasty warmer at the far end of the counter, having a few croissants, and lovely little pies. There are also some boxes of cornflakes in the morning.

It is also worth while hunting out the upmarket ice cream in the fridge, in small tubs.

Thai Airways Singapore Lounge July 2012
Singapore Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge


The bar is marginally better than you would expect, and it has a couple more brownie points over itís Star Gold rival in Terminal 2.

There are two small fridges on either side of the food area, with Tiger and Singa beer. There is also Tiger beer on draft. Alas, there is no wine of any type.

There are no less than seven bottles of spirits, with Black Label, Gordonís Gin, Chivas Regal, Bacardi, Martini, Campari, and Smirnoff.


There are no bathrooms, toilets, or showers in the lounge: you have to go outside and over the bridge.

Business Facilities

When the lounge was revamped, it lost the phone cubicles, but gained a computer room at the far end behind the reception desk. There are four fast new computers with decent internet connection, and a tiny printer on the counter behind them.
Thai Airways Singapore Lounge July 2012
Singapore Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge

There is also free wifi in the lounge.

As you enter past reception there is a vast white marble newspaper rack, with a decent selection, not only of the Thai newspapers and Straits Times, but also a few international papers such at the WSJ and Herald Tribune. However, there are no UK papers.


Beware that the lounge closes in the middle of the day, and hence you will be shuffled off to the Krisflyer Gold lounge in Terminal 2 or 3.
Thai Airways Singapore Lounge
►Hot pies
►Free alcohol, free pour
►Beer: Tiger beer on draft
►No wine
►No Champagne
Business Facilities:
►4 computers and printer. Free wifi.
1 TV in lounge. Vast Newspaper rack with European & Australian papers.
Showers & Bathrooms:
None in lounge
Thai Airways Lounge rated: 5 out of 10
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