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Singapore SilverKris Terminal 3 Lounge Jan 2008
Singapore Silver Kris Lounge - Terminal 3 - Business Class Section
When you have finished being wowed by the brand new Terminal 3, and going gaga over the shops, the forest, and the waterfall, you can have a look at the lounge.

Rather like Singapore itself the Singapore Terminal 3 Silver Kris Lounge looks pretty impressive (and it should be - it was brand new in 2008), but it is let down by some of the facilites, but it's still up there with some of the great airline lounges of the world.

In the middle of Terminal 3 (by Gate 5) you go up the escalator, past the big sign saying Kris Lounge, go left at the top, and have your boarding pass checked by the two lounge dragons.

On the right is the checkin area, and past this the internet café. Straight ahead on the right is the first lounge, while to the left, past the half wall of pillars is the business class lounge (which would be called the Raffles lounge, if only Singapore still used that name).

Singapore SilverKris Terminal 3 Lounge Jan 2008
Singapore Silver Kris Lounge - Terminal 3

The business lounge finally looks like a proper flagship lounge, with high ceiling and natural flights and new mood lighting. There is a marble floor with brown coloured carpet, marble walls, and lots of black leather armchairs. The lounge is huge - and it needs to be, because this place gets very busy with all the Europe to Australasia transfer traffic.

There is just about a view of the tarmac (on the left, if you squint down low, and look through the rest of the terminal), although this isn't great, but at least there is some natural light. Admittedly however all the seats are pretty much the same - there isn't much variety, no matter where you sit.

On most of the walls there are huge plasma TVs, showing CNN or Singapore TV, with the sound down. Alas the sound isn't out around the lounge - there is annoying music. This gets really loud - ironically - at the quiet section at the back, which is a phone free zone - presumably so people can't speak on their mobiles. There are no slumberettes or sleeping areas.

Singapore SilverKris Terminal 3 Lounge Jan 2008
Singapore Silver Kris Lounge - Terminal 3


The new Dining area is large, with three rows of many different types of hot and cold food. Much of this is made up of different types of curry, laksa, dumplings, and fishball noodles in vast silver tureens, along with a rack of salads (dressing is in the big jars on the right), chicken wings, and plenty of cheeses and yoghurts. There is plenty of bread (including a Singapore flag made out of bread dough) and some very bad sandwiches tightly wrapped in clingfilm.

Around here there is a long cafeteria type marble table with high wooden chairs, but this feels isolated and drafty - few people sit here unless the lounge is really crowded.

Singapore SilverKris Terminal 3 Lounge Jan 2008
Singapore Silver Kris Lounge - Terminal 3


The bar is OK, but nothing special - much worse than the one in Terminal 2 - and passengers often nip over to the other terminal for a drink. There are a couple of bottle of wine on the counter top, and just Bacardi, Smirnoff, Gordon's Gin, Jack Daniels, Black Label, Campari and Zinzano to keep you happy. Singa beer is in the fridge, and there is a Tiger draft beer tap.

Champagne is in a bucket on the worktop, but it is quite poor. There is a sign which says "please approach our staff for wine or champagne", and that champers is decent - normally Charles Heidsieck.

To find the bar, walk left, then right, past the food, and it is on the small counter behind the grey screen.


The shower area is very nice, lots of white and marble - indeed, its blindingly light, and there are only 4 showers, but with very trendy huge showerheads.

Business Facilities

Back in the internet café (shared between First and Busines) there are twenty new Mac computers, which are fast and virus free - although there is just one printer, and getting access to it can be a problem. There are plenty of power points, with a UK design of plug.

There are no monitors in the lounge showing the status of your flight - you have to go to the entrance to check on this, which can add some stress to your visit - hardly the point of popping into the lounge.


Singapore Airlines operates flights out of two terminals in Singapore. It has First and Business lounges in both the new Terminal 3, and the older Terminal 2, which are open to both Singapore premium fliers, and passengers on Star Alliance flights in First or Business although this is not advertised. Star Alliance Gold members in economy are not permitted into these Singapore Airlines lounges, but are entitled to use the Krisflyer Gold Lounge at Terminal 3, which are much worse, with a very poor bar. Many star alliance golds make the trek over to Terminal 1, and instead use the new Thai Airways lounge, which has showers and a good bar, but conversely poor food.

Sleeping overnight in the Singapore SilverKris Lounge

It is possible to sleep overnight in the Singapore SilverKris Lounge, but this is not recommended, and there are better options - such as a budget room at the transfer hotel. If you are absolutely desperate the staff will give you an (economy) blanket and pillow, and then you can bed down in the far room (under the gull wing lights) however the lights are not turned off, the music still plays, and the cleaners polish the floor around you. You have 2 better options: either bed down in the main terminal in the free 'Snooze' lounge, or wait until 1am, when the First Class lounge is left open and unlocked, with no staff on the door, but with the lights off: it is much more peaceful, and you'll have a good 4 hours before anyone wakes you up.
Singapore Airlines Singapore T3
►Hot food 24 hours
►6 tubs of rice, noodles, curry
►Saladbar, coldcuts, cheese
►Excellent deserts
►Free alcohol, free pour
►Beer: Tiger beer on draft
►3 red & 3 white wine
►Cheap Champagne
Business Facilities:
►10 iMacs, printer, fax, photocopier. Freewifi.
3 TVs in lounge. Newspaper rack with European & Australian papers.
Showers & Bathrooms:
Bathroom in lounge, excellent showers
Other airlines using the Singapore Airlines Lounge:
► United Airlines Singapore Unitedclub Business Class Lounge
► SwissAir Singapore Business Class Lounge
► Lufthansa Singapore Senator Lounge
► Air New Zeland Singapore Koruclub Lounge
Singapore Airlines Lounge rated: 8 out of 10
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