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Singapore Airlines Singapore SilverKris Lounge July 2012
Singapore Silver Kris Lounge - Business Class Section
NEWS: Renovations of the KrisFlyer Gold and SilverKris Lounge at Singapore Terminal 2 are complete. Half of the old SilverKris Business Class section has the Gold Lounge. In Singapore Airline's language, SilverKris is a level above gold. The OLD First Class section of the lounge still remains where it was, but now if you turn left to go to the elite lounge for Business Class passengers at Terminal 2 it is only half the size, and the other half is now a KrisFlyer Gold Lounge, for economy class passengers with a Gold KrisFlyer or Gold Star Alliance card. Star Alliance Gold are no longer permitted access to the SATS lounge.

The SilverKris Lounge at Singapore Terminal 2 was once the flagship lounge of Singapore Airlines when it only used Terminal 2. Now, with the move to Terminal 3, only a small number of flights leave from Terminal 2, and that has resulted in the lounge pretty much halving in size, and the loss of the sleeping rooms, the fish tanks, the staffed bar, and computers at the far end. However the good news is that a revamp has seen the lounge upgraded to the same quality as the one in Terminal 3, with excellent food and drinks.

To get to the lounge, take the stairs close to the ‘junction’ with the gates, walk over the bridge overlooking the garden, approach down the corridor – and don’t make the mistake of going to the KrisFlyer Gold lounge which is the first lounge you will see. The lounge you want is at the far end of the balcony, where there will be a couple of staff on small podiums to welcome you: and rigorously check your boarding card.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge Singapore July 2012
Singapore Silver Kris Lounge - Business Class Section

The Singapore Airlines Lounge at Terminal 2 has one large square room to the right, with most of the seats, and a small room to the left, with the bar, food, and dining tables. Just by reception is the office space.

In the main room there are two types of seats: brown squashy armchairs, and harder grey upright chairs, all separated by coffee tables come dividers, with lamps on top. Light in the lounge is kept quite dark, so these lamps are very useful for reading.

Opposite the food are six round dining tables: hard and uncomfortable, many people take food back to their armchairs. Conversely, if you have a laptop, these tables are actually pretty useful as they also have power sockets under them (UK style, square pin).

Singapore Airlines Singapore SilverKris Lounge July 2012
Singapore Silver Kris Lounge - Business Class Section


The dining area looks impressive – and so it is. All designer Italian marble and smooth sandstone tiles, it may be a cliché, but it is also one that works.

Hot food in the Singapore SilverKris Lounge at Terminal 2 has a mixed Asian & Western fusion. On the centre island refectory there are a dozen or so silver lids, under each one is a different dish, from curry to noodles, sausages to pork. You name it, it’s there: rice is under the one at the far end. Soup is on the opposite counter, along with plenty of hot rolls.

There is a cabinet with hot meat pies too – although these can be a bit odd, with the Sausage croissant making an appearance. In the fridge next to it is the desert fridge, which is really good: cheesecake variants abound.

On ice is a salad bar, with potato salad, green bits, slices of tomato, and lots of cheese.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge Singapore July 2012
Singapore Silver Kris Lounge - Business Class Section


The bar in the Singapore Airlines Business Class lounge isn’t quite as good as the food, but it is still pretty impressive. Alas, the old staffed bar has gone, and now all the booze is on a corner of the counter top.

The wine selection generally includes some good old world and new world wines, with 4 types of red, and three whites in the bucket, along with a champagne.

Alas the spirit collection is poor, with just the basics, but at least there are nine mainstream labels.

There is a beer tap with Tiger beer on draft, or Singa beer in cans in the fridge. Chilled classes are also in the fridge.

Business Facilities

Near reception is the computer area, with twelve new and very fast computers. Alas, many parents just leave their children in here, so it isn’t so much relaxing, and a bit of a zoo.

There is also free wifi in the lounge. Oddly - and thankfully - Singapore Airlines have avoided putting too many TVs in the lounge - or indeed any at all!

On the newspaper rack in the middle of the main area of the lounge there is a complete selection of Asian, European and Australian newspapers. The set from the UK is particularly good, with many copies of the Telegraph, Times and Guardian. The set of magazines is also pretty decent, although with a heavy weight towards American business magazines.

Singapore Airlines Singapore SilverKris Lounge July 2012
Singapore Silver Kris Lounge - Business Class Section


The showers in lounge were not replaced when the lounge got an update, so they are now looking pretty tired, however they still work, and have free razors and toothbrushes (the same as on the planes). There are a total of 4 showers.


Singapore Airlines operates flights out of two terminals in Singapore. It has First and Business lounges in both the new Terminal 3, and the older Terminal 2, which are open to both Singapore premium fliers, and passengers on Star Alliance flights in First or Business although this is not advertised. Star Alliance Gold members in economy are not permitted into these Singapore Airlines lounges, but are entitled to use the new Krisflyer Gold Lounges at Terminal 2&3.
Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge T2
►Hot food all day
►Plenty of hot dishes to try, and mix from
►Salad bar
►Good selection of deserts
►Free alcohol, free pour
►Beer: Tiger beer on draft
►4 red & 3 white wine
►French Champagne
Business Facilities:
►12 fast PCs, printer
No TV in lounge. Very good Newspaper rack.
Showers & Bathrooms:
Bathroom and showers in lounge, with free amenities
Other airlines using the Singapore Airlines Lounge:
► Tecnically none, but all Star passengers in Business Class are permitted access.
Singapore Airlines Lounge rated: 8 out of 10
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