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Singapore First Class Lounge July 2012
Singapore First Class Lounge SilverKris Terminal 3
NEWS: Renovations of the SilverKris First Lounge at Singapore Terminal 3 is complete. The fish tanks, the staffed bar, and the slight tired seating have all been replaced.

At Singapore Airlines hub at Changi Airport, the First Class SilverKris Lounge at Singapore Terminal 3 should be the core of premium operations. You may have high hopes of the lounge. It is good – very good – but the one thing it is not is wow. It’s decent, with very good food, and definitely a step up the flying ladder – but it somehow fails to leave a lasting impression of greatness. A Concorde Room or Qantas First Class Sydney lounge it is not. It’s best to approach it realising it is just another airline lounge – but a rather good one indeed.

The approach to the lounge is the same as for Business Class. Walk over the bridge overlooking the garden, approach down the corridor – and don’t make the mistake of going to the KrisFlyer Gold lounge on the corner of the junction. The lounge you want is at the far end of the balcony, where there will be a couple of staff behind the semi-circular desk. Business is to the left: for once, in First, you want to turn right, where once again there will be another flunky who will rigorously check your boarding card.

You then enter the hallowed halls of the First Class lounge at Singapore Changi... which is rather like a smallish square room, with chairs resembling an elderly gentleman’s club. No attempt has been made at style over substance; or indeed, any type of style. It looks remarkably similar to the Business lounge next door, except that it has the joy of windows! There is an OKish view of the airfield; however lounges with a view at Singapore are at a premium, and there aren’t all that many.

Singapore First Class Lounge July 2012
Singapore First Class Lounge SilverKris Terminal 3

The Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge at Terminal 3 has one large square room, with racks of leather armchairs all separated by coffee tables come dividers, with lamps on top. There is a bar on the staff, with staff who will mix up cocktails for you, and food at the far end. There is strange central room divider that has a stone bench carved into it on the opposite side, where there is also a quiet area where mobiles are not to be used. Alas, this is where the TV is, and hence it can actually be noisier and more distracting on the quiet side.


Food is – oddly – rather basic in the First Class lounge. If you have a real, genuine, First Class ticket you can go to the Singapore Airlines Private Room, where there is a sit down dining room. Otherwise if you want real hot food, with lots of choice, you may be better off going to the Singapore Airlines Business Class lounge, where there are a dozen tubs with dishes, from curry to noodles, sausages to pork. You name it, it’s there: rice is under the one at the far end. Soup is on the opposite counter, along with plenty of hot rolls.

However, if you choose to remain in the Singapore First Class Lounge, the dining room can be found behind the light coloured pillars at the back of the bar. Here there are half a dozen dining tables, and refectory area on the right. The hot counter here has a few made up dishes if you wish to take, them, or you can order from the menu on the tables.

There is a cabinet with hot meat pies too – although these can be a bit odd, with the Sausage croissant making an appearance. In the fridge next to it is the desert fridge, which is really good: cheesecake variants abound.

Singapore First Class Lounge July 2012
Singapore First Class Lounge SilverKris Terminal 3


The bar in the Singapore Airlines Business Class lounge is quite impressive: it is a loung white marble bar, with booze both on the worktop so you can help yourself, or you can ask the staff who will serve you.

The wine selection is generally top-notch, with some good old world and new world wines, with about a dozen types of red and white on the list: again, the bar staff will help you if you don’t like what is offered.

The spirit collection is also very good: it is displayed behind the bar: there is everything from Johnnie Walker Blue Label to South Island Vodka. The Brandy and Port selection is also commendable.

Singapore First Class Lounge July 2012
Singapore First Class Lounge SilverKris Terminal 3

Finally, if you really must, there is a beer tap with Tiger beer on draft, or Singa beer in cans in the fridge. Chilled glasses are also in the fridge. However, there are no real options when it comes to beer: it is lager, or lager.


There is a large show area shower area is very nice, lots of white and marble - indeed, its blindingly light, and there are only 4 showers, but with very trendy huge showerheads.

Business Facilities

Back in the internet café (shared between First and Busines) there are twenty new Mac computers, which are fast and virus free - although there is just one printer, and getting access to it can be a problem. There are plenty of power points, with a UK design of plug.

There are no monitors in the lounge showing the status of your flight - you have to go to the entrance to check on this, which can add some stress to your visit - hardly the point of popping into the lounge.


Singapore Airlines operates flights out of two terminals in Singapore. It has First and Business lounges in both the new Terminal 3, and the older Terminal 2, which are open to both Singapore premium fliers, and passengers on Star Alliance flights in First or Business although this is not advertised. Star Alliance Gold members in economy are not permitted into these Singapore Airlines lounges.

A curiousity if you are flying United Airlines from Singapore in First Class is that you will receive an invite to the SATS lounge. You should dump this with comtempt, and instead walk into the First Class Singapore Lounge.

Singapore First Class Lounge July 2012
Singapore First Class Lounge SilverKris Terminal 3

Private Room

This Private Room is located inside the Singapore Airlines First Class lounge in Terminal 3. When the lounge first opened, access was restricted to A380 First Class suite passengers and other full-fare F passengers. Now however all First Class passengers are permitted, including those on F awards. The difference is, those using a PPS card to get into the First Lounge don’t have access. You really need a First Ticket.

The Singapore Airlines Private Room has about 30 large high-winged armchairs sitting in splendid isolation, and several staff who will bring drinks to you. It is the dining area that is quiet special: there is a dedicated dining room, where you can be served at your table, or where staff will direct you to the buffet, which is similar to that in Business Class, however there is more seafood, such as Scallop and shrimp hors d'ouvre, along with fresh sashimi.

Singapore Airlines First Lounge T3
►Hot food
►4 tubs of rice, noodles, curry
►Saladbar, coldcuts, cheese
►Excellent deserts
►Free alcohol, free pour
►Beer: Tiger beer on draft
►3 red & 3 white wine
►Very good Champagne
►Free premium spirits, (Johnnie Walker Blue etc)
Business Facilities:
►10 iMacs, printer, fax, photocopier. Freewifi.
3 TVs in lounge. Newspaper rack with European & Australian papers.
Showers & Bathrooms:
Bathroom in lounge, excellent showers
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Singapore Airlines Lounge rated: 8 out of 10
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