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Singapore Emirates Lounge
Singapore Emirates Lounge
Emirates have a full lounge in Singapore, both for direct flights to Dubai, and for the triangular route that pops into Colombo on the way. The lounge is pretty new, having received a revamp when Emirates increased operations at Terminal 1.

The Singapore Changi Airport Emirates Lounge itself is easy to find: ir is located almost right above the Skytrain station in terminal 1. Take the stairs opposite the French cafe beside the electronics shop, and the lounge is around the corner opposite the rainforst lounge.

Adding to the feeling that you've entered another world is the way the lounge hits you in the face with what is unsubtly known as Dubai Chic: The lounge is full of gold, and tan leather. Welcome to Dubai.

The lounge is oblong, with a couple of main rooms, and windows overlooking a green bit of the cactus garden, and the area where the La Cave outside winebar is located.

The Emirates Singapore Lounge is divided between dining and relaxing. There are large wall hung TVs, which generally show CNN, and huge wooden pillars.

Singapore Emirates Lounge
Singapore Emirates Lounge


Food is very good, laid out on a sideboard opposite the main dining chairs. Alas getting hold of one of these chairs can be a little tricky at peak times.

Reflecting its status both as a combined First and Business lounge food is a little better than you might expect. In large tourines there are hot dishes with lamb tagine, pasta, noodles, and fish, along with a heated cupboard with sausage rolls (chicken sausage of course) and meat pies.

Singapore Emirates Lounge
Singapore Emirates Lounge

Next to it in the fridge is a big bowl of salad, along with some desserts in mini-bowls.


Of course the main attraction is always the bar which is fully stocked with some excellent Kiwi wines, including three whites (with generally Cloudy Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, along with a Chardonnay, and Pinot Gris) plus three reds.

There are bottles of Mot Champagne in the fridge. Spirits however are rather bland. Beer is Heiniken and Tiger beer.

There are two bar areas: both by the entrance as you come in, and in the dining area.


There are also showers, and in the far corner of the second room, a massage chair.
Singapore Emirates Lounge
Singapore Emirates Lounge

Business Facilities

Computers are fairly good, with four desktop PCs with a lightning fast internet connection. The Wifi is pretty good too.

Power sockets are standard UK/Singapore, and can be found in the far wall.

Singapore Emriates Lounge
Singapore Emirates Lounge rated: 7 out of 10
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