KUL: Kuala Lumpur Thai Airways Business Class Lounge


Thai Airways Business class lounge Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur Thai Airways Business class lounge
The Thai Airways Kuala Lumpur Lounge really shows what is wrong with Thai. The quality of implementation is superb - this is a large, well built lounge, with some fantastic carving around the walls, good seats, and it gives a solid impression of quality. Alas maintainance and service let down the whole system, food is poor, the drink selection is downright lousy, and business facilities woeful.

There is a great view of the (normally deserted) KLIA apron from the big comfy armchairs, with two TV's overhead (which just show local KL TV, and have poor reception). Indeed, if you are travelling first class you can go into the normally chained off area, with leather armchairs and get your own TV - although this ridiculous attempt to make a first class area surely only benefits those who seek to let people know they are travelling first.

All in all this lounge is a bit of a waste of time, however access is sometimes possible if you are on the Thai/Malaysian codeshare to Phuket with a Star Alliance Gold Card, even if you didn't buy your ticket via Thai.

Thai Airways Kuala Lumpur Business class lounge
Kuala Lumpur Thai Airways lounge


Food is just about tolerable. There are some pretty nasty sandwiches, wrapped in vast amounts of plastic, spring rolls, noodles, and weird bright green Swiss Rolls.

It's definitely business, with only a slight hint towards First in terms of the noodles.


The bar is very poor. There is no wine. Beer is in the fridge and comes with the usual varieties of Heiniken, Carlsberg, and the highly unusual Anchor Steam Beer. This is a lovely smooth sort of bitter. There is a vast rack of a lot of empty optics (spot how poor the Thai service is - they can't even be bothered to replace the empty bottles) with just a single bottle each of Gin, Vodka, and Johnnie Walker.
Thai Airways Kuala Lumpur Business class lounge
Kuala Lumpur Thai Airways lounge

Business Facilities

There is a derisory collection of newspapers with just the New Straits Times, a Malaysian language daily, and plenty of copies of inflight magazaines. At the far end are two office suites, with some very old computers. Only one is open - broken furniture is stored in the other - and the computers do not connect to the Internet.


There are bathrooms and showers in the Thai Airways Kuala Lumpur Lounge.
Thai Airways Kuala Lumpur Lounge
Thai Airways Lounge rated: 4 out of 10
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