ICN: Seoul Asiana Airlines Business Lounge

Incheon Main Concourse Asiana Business Class lounge March 2009
Seoul Incheon Asiana Business class lounge
This lounge is on the right of the pair, and again features a bridge to get to it. It is much larger than the Business side, and covers a big chunk of both sides of the upstairs area above the shops. The lounge is split into several clearly defined areas: dining tables beside the food area, a large rack of seats surrounding the two large flatscreen TVs, and more casual seating areas in the main body of the lounge. There is yet another Grand Piano that noone ever plays. The large bookshelves along the wall give the feeling of being in a modern hotel, although there are again just the usual rack of the same four or five books. Annoying, these bookshelves fill up a large chunk of one wall, however if you want to look at the planes, on the right beside the bar there is a small area with stools and a great view (although note that taking photographs of airplanes at Incheon is illegal, and this rule is rigorously enforced).


The Bar was fully equipped with a large range of spirits, however they are noticably a step down from those in First. There is Johnie Walker Black, with Smirnoff Red, Bacardi rum, Gordon's gin, Cinzano, Chivas Regal, Canadian Club, and Hennessy VSOP. Champagne is Beringer sparkling rose(but you need to ask for this), and with two types of wine in a wine bucket. There is draft beer on tap, and chilled glasses in the fridge. However the beer tap just says "beer", with no indications of what type it is.
Incheon Main Concourse Asiana Business Class lounge March 2009
Seoul Incheon Asiana Business class lounge


food. There is salad 24 hours a day, in large tubs in the fridge. Beside this are two hot tubs, however hot food only arrives at breakfast (at 0730), lunch (1200), and tea time (1800). There is only a fixed quantity of food at both lounges and once the food is gone they will not prepare anymore until the next serving time. Next to this the Chef's Corner where there is a chef making a different meal a day. Sometimes it is bibimbab with seasoned spring greens, other times hwajeon (pan-fried rice cakes with flower petals), and if you are lucky, fresh strawberries and a strawberry shake. The chef comes from the Westin Chosun Hotel.
Seoul Incheon Asiana Business class lounge

At the nearside to the room are four snoozing areas, however it's not great for having a kip, as there's a huge window infront of you, and the sun really can beat down.


Beside the sleep area are the showers, and showers can be a problem, because of the vast number of transiting passengers who all want a shower at the same time: there can be a real queue in the early evenings, at around 7pm. It is often best to queue for the shower first, before getting something to eat.

Business Facilities

There is free Wifi in the lounge, and also 12 Computers, in the business area beside the reception desk, plus a fax and photocopier. No boarding calls are made in the lounge, however there is Business priority boarding so it shouldn't be too much of a rush anyway. Therea are Korean, Japanese and English newspapers, assorted magazines. Virtually all the electrical outlets in the lounge are the 220V, Type "F" variety.

All in all this is a large lounge with comfortable seating, hot foods, and even a grand piano. However, do not let the size fool you: It becomes very crowded and difficult to find an empty seat during peak times.

Asiana Airlines Seoul
Asiana Airlines Lounge rated: 7 out of 10
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