NRT: Tokyo JAL Sakura Business Class Lounge


JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo Narita
Tokyo Narita JAL Sakura Lounge
The JAL Sakura lounge Narita airport comes in several different flavours. There is the main, central, core international lounge in the Main Building, here, which also has First Class on the upper level, plus another Sakura lounge in the Satellite, and also a small domestic lounge.

The lounge itself is lovely, as you would expect of a true flagship lounge. It has a huge sweeping staircase to the upper floor. There are great views of the gates, and of the planes.

At the far end is the eating area, with very stylish white swivel chairs.

The lounge can often seem quite empty, particularly in the middle of the day.


Therea are two hot food stations, with large cauldrons of steamed dumplings, containing everything from prawns, to pork, fish and even stewed pork belly.

There is western food, with quiche and pizza, and a mini toaster oven to heat it.

If you want proper Japanese food it's also there on the 2nd counter further down with steamed rice and miso soup.


There is just one bar, but it is pretty good as it has the wonderful Japanese invention of a cold beer pouring machine!

Wine is very basic, and the spirit selection is poor too.


In lounge, with showers.

Business Facilities

There is a corridor to a telephone area, because you aren't supposed to take calls in the main area as it's considered rude by the Japanese.

There is a small workroom, with a few PCs, and a printer. The lounge has free wifi.

JAL Tokyo Lounge
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