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Delta Tokio Skyclub Lounge Jan 2008
Tokyo Narita Delta Skyclub
You will be offered a lounge invitiaiton at check in for the Delta Tokyo Skyclub. You don't need it to get in, but it is well worth while taking it, because finding the lounge without is a nightmare. There is not a single sign in the airport pointing towards the lounge. Instead, head to gate 14, and find the tiny lift hidden in the alcove in the opposite wall, and then press the button for the Air France lounge.

At the top is the lounge checkin: The large plasma screen behind the desk shows a BA logo in the mornings, and a NWA logo in the afternoon (theoretically, to avoid confusion, although few are convinced). The lounge opens on the dot of 9am.

Delta Tokio Skyclub Lounge Jan 2008
Tokyo Narita Delta Skyclub

The brand new lounge is clean, lovely, with lots of light, plenty of pine, white walls, and windows that look right over the gates used by Delta. On the raised area there are some vast white leather armchairs which are fantastic for a snooze - the red ones on the lower lever are rather more uncomfortable.

One of the issues with the Delta Tokyo lounge is that is is very bright, bordered on one side as it is by a line of windows which is great for plane spotting and reading or eating. However the lounge is so damn bright it is not ideal for the jet-lagged and their weary eyes, or for working on laptops or having a nap. There are no sleeping areas in the lounge.


Food is great, with a good selection throughout the day. From the time of the first BA flights, there is breakfast, with cerial (such as cornflakes, in weird Japanese packets) & muffins.

Then lunch appears by about 1pm, with 2 types of soup, with pots of salad in plastic cups, and sandwiches which are really yummy. By mid afternoon there are cakes & pastries.

There are always a couple finger bowls of noodles, some faux sushi there, and plastic cups of salad. There is also congee, which few people eat because the lounge is in Japan, not China.


There is just one bar with the food area infront of it, on the left hand side are you go in. There are 2 beer taps (including Sapporro) but alas, unlike the rest of the lounges at Narita, no beer machines, 8 spirits in free pour bottles, 2 reds on the worktop, and 3 whites plus a Sake in coolers lining a trough on the island bar.
Delta Tokio Skyclub Lounge Jan 2008
Tokyo Narita Delta Skyclub

There is a great soft drinks machine (if you can read Japanese), and a coffee machine too.


In lounge, no showers.

Business Facilities

Overlooking the gates are the computers, which are ranged about the windows. These are Macs, and and again are brand new, although the location can be a bit distracting.

Free wifi.

Around the lounge there are 3 plasma TVs jointly showing departure times, and also a TV programme: one has CNN, another a Japanese station, and the third a rolling advert for NWA.

Delta Tokio Skyclub Lounge Jan 2008
Tokyo Narita Delta Skyclub

Oddly, newspapers and magazines are very poor. There are copies of Time on a small coffee table by the front desk, and that's about it. The bathrooms and showers (three) are down a long thin corridor at the far end (left) of the lounge.

Down this corridor there are eight telephones (which are rather cheap and nasty, looking as if they were designed by committee), which are often unused.

Delta Tokyo Skyclub Access

This lounge used to be a dediated BA Terraces lounge, and despite its small size, it did the job well. However recently BA have sold the space to Northwest Airlines (and in turn now Delta), who have created a large new lounge for all the Skyteam airlines.
Delta Tokio Skyclub Lounge Jan 2008
Tokyo Narita Delta Skyclub

Exceptionally unusually, normal BA Terraces access rules also still apply, which means there is access for Gold BAEC members, and access on an economy ticket for those with a BA Silver card.

Delta Tokyo Lounge
►Noodles, Sushi
►Biscuits, cheese, nuts
►Free alcohol, free pour
►Beer: Ashai on auto pouring machine
►1 red & 1 white wine
►No Champagne
Business Facilities:
►TSeveral PCs in room, printer
►Wifi in lounge
TV in lounge. Newspaper rack.
Showers & Bathrooms:
Bathroom in lounge, no showers
Other airlines using the Delta Skyclub Lounge:
► British Airways Tokyo Business Class Lounge
Delta Skyclub Lounge T4 rated: 4 out of 10
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